Your Trump Administration- Justice Department Edition

Here's what we are about to get from the Trump administration, from CNN, via a report at Daily Kos:

"The 1997 "order and opinion" by an Alabama judge accused the state attorney general's office, which had been headed by Sessions, of the worst prosecutorial misconduct he'd ever seen.

"The court finds that even having been given every benefit of the doubt, the misconduct of the Attorney General in this case far surpasses in both extensiveness and measure the totality of any prosecutorial misconduct ever previously presented to or witnessed by this court," wrote James S. Garrett, a Jefferson County Circuit Court judge.

The misconduct was "so pronounced and persistent," Garrett wrote, that "it permeates the entire atmosphere of this prosecution.

...This court can only conclude it is dealing with either intentional and deliberate misconduct or conduct so reckless and improper as to constitute conscious disregard for the lawful duties of the Attorney General and the integrity and dignity of this court and this Judge."

Sessions did not list this case in the information he sent to the Senate for his confirmation hearing to be Attorney General, and has refused to comment.

I've commented before about Trump's appointing people committed to frustrating the laws he is Constitutionally bound to uphold, which is a clearly impeachable offense, but this goes beyond even that- it strikes at the heart of the notion that the Justice department, or our entire law enforcement apparatus, even exist to uphold the law.  Expect them to exist now solely to force the will of the rich on the rest of us.  Thanks again, Trump voters.


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