Dunning-Kruger in the White House

Donald Trump:

"You Know, I'm, Like, A Smart Person"

Smart enough to have been born rich and have then quickly abandoned any concern for anyone but himself.


Zog said…
I will say this: Trump is smart enough to have become the most successful con artist since Juan Pujol Garcia, aka GARBO.

From an NPR transcript about him (read to the end for the kicker:

RAZ: [. . .] On July 29, 1944, they awarded him an Iron Cross for his service to Nazi Germany.

TALTY: Yes, they did. I mean, it was a source of endless amusement to Garbo and his handlers. But it was really proof of their success. And he kept that for the rest of his life. I mean, he was so proud of that. That was something that was really supposed to be given to frontline combatants, and here they were breaking their own rules to give it to a spy that couldn't be named elsewhere in their records but that they felt had been a loyal, fanatical supporter of the Nazis, when, in fact, he'd really been the opposite.

RAZ: The irony, of course, is just five months later, in another ceremony, but this one in Britain, he was awarded an MBE - a Member of the British Empire - for his real service to the Allied efforts.
Jerry Critter said…
Trump, I know a smart person, and you are nothing like a smart person!
Grung_e_Gene said…
Everyday could be a 'Could you imagine if...' Question as Trump dares America to make a morally, ethically, and financially bankrupt Pawn of Putin into President.

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