Impeachable Offense

" he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed"-Constitution of the United States, Article II, section 3

This is the most fundamental duty of the President of the United States.  It was my opinion that Ronald Reagan should have been impeached a year into his term of office, for deliberately appointing Cabinet Secretaries who were committed to frustrating the laws the President was required to uphold, but of course the cowardly Democrats would not even speak that heresy aloud; and thus the situation we have today, where a Republican leader is apparently entitled to openly violate this Constitutional requirement without the slightest opposition.

Of course, we know that the Democrats in Washington are as craven as ever, so none of them will dare mention the fact that Donald Trump has kicked this criminal practice up to a new level, appointing Cabinet personnel almost solely based on their opposition, and their commitment to destroy, the laws of this land.

This should, in anyone's mind, constitute the most basic violation of a President's duties, and forms, in fact, legitimate grounds for immediate impeachment.  It is not the right of the President to frustrate the application of laws he disagrees with; it is his duty to uphold them.  If he fails to do this, he has no right to hold his office.


I think a further note is needed here.  The problem with all this is that the Republicans, through their outrageous misuse of power in impeaching Bill Clinton over nothing, and their eight years spent howling in rage for the impeachment of Barack Obama for daring to do anything as President, have pretty well succeeded in what is clearly a major goal of theirs: they have made a very large part of the American people see impeachment as nothing but a cynical partisan political maneuver, so that it would be almost impossible for Democrats, even if they controlled Congress, to impeach a Republican President, even for the most blatant violations of his Constitutional duty.  And of course, we have the mainstream press, which not that long ago gave endless serious coverage to Clinton's impeachment, utterly ignoring its outrageous nature, but would be screaming that Democrats are abusing their place, which is to follow along with any Republican abuse.


Jerry Critter said…
No chance of impeachment at all. A republican house will never impeach him, and a republican senate will never convict him.
Green Eagle said…
Well, there would be no chance that a Democratic Congress would do that either. If they did not impeach Ronald Reagan for clear, Constitutional treason for giving two thousand missiles to our enemies in Iran, and if they did not impeach George W. Bush for starting a criminal war of aggression, inducing Congress to go along with it by feeding them endless lies, what would it take? Trump is right- he could walk out and start shooting people in the street, and the gutless Democrats would wring their hands, and then go along with it.
Jerry Critter said…
Sounds like we have two party's working for the same boss.
Green Eagle said…
Still, the Democrats are willing to cut us a piece of the pie. The Republicans will leave us with nothing.

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