Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Accusers

I remember the persecution of Bill Clinton over his supposed sexual exploits quite well.  The accusations made against him, which were largely utter lies, culminated in the worst abuse of Congressional power in the history of the United States, when the Republicans in Congress impeached him and came within a hair's breadth of removing him from the White House, because of a series of seemingly endless lies, culminating in this.  I have been afraid, throughout this campaign, that the Republicans would dredge this garbage up again, counting on time to have erased the disgrace they suffered in the nineties, and hoping to convince Americans that, where there was smoke, there was fire.

Three women are currently being paraded around by the Republicans as victims of Bill Clinton's alleged sexual misconduct.  They are Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey.  I want to remind people of some of the salient facts about each of them.

And here they are, with Donald himself.

Before I do this, however, I need to discuss at least two other people who have been largely forgotten: Richard Mellon Scaife and Larry Klayman.

Scaife came from a rich family in his own right, and acquired billions through his wife, an heir to the fortune of Andrew Mellon, the single figure most responsible for the Great Depression.  He used some of this money to acquire a small newspaper, and then began a career in which he spent millions promoting an endless succession of phony Clinton scandals, among them the utterly bogus Whitewater scandal, which supposedly formed the basis of the endless Republican investigations into Clinton, the death of Vincent Foster, supposed drug dealing out of a small airport in Mena, Arkansas, which he claimed was run by Bill and Hillary, and on and on, including the claims of Bill's sexual adventures, coverage of which was financed almost entirely by Scaife, until the Republicans began using public resources to take up the fight.

In later years, Scaife contributed heavily to an almost endless list of right wing propaganda factories, and financed a school of "public policy" at Pepperdine University, where he rewarded Ken Starr for his role in promoting these fake scandals by making him its head.

In brief, this vicious right wing rich guy was almost single-handedly responsible not only for inventing and promulgating most of the scandals against the Clintons, but also played a major role in creating the maze of smear factories that today crank out the endless right wing propaganda that has polluted our national discourse to the point where a degenerate like Donald Trump can be nominated by the Republican party to run for President.

The other figure that you must know about in all of this is Larry Klayman.   Klayman is the chief active persecutor of the Clintons.  He started with a group he founded in the 1990's called Judicial Watch, and then, after the inevitable split, moved on to found Freedom Watch, which continues his career of filing endless bogus lawsuits alleging every kind of impropriety against Democrats, with the occasional Republican thrown in to spice things up.  Klayman is a regular writer for World Net Daily, one of the most persistent and long-running sources of right wing lies online, and a regular here at Wingnut Wrapup.

Among the endless lawsuits Klayman filed against Clinton, were his representation of two more alleged victims of Bill's sexual advances, Dolly Kyle and Gennifer Flowers.  As these two did not appear at the last debate, we'll leave them aside; suffice it to say that both cases were summarily dismissed by the courts as utterly without merit.  Klayman has also sued Barack Obama many times, over claims that Obama had Ebola invented and released on the world, that Obama started a "race war" that was responsible for the deaths of five Dallas police officers,  and an endless list of other accusations just as idiotic.  He has filed suits on behalf of Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump, and even provided legal assistance to the Bundy family.  He even sued his own mother on one occasion.

To add to this judicial sideshow, Klayman has, on two occasions, run marches on Washington to literally physically throw Obama out of the White House.  On both occasions he promoted these marches for months, raising money from gullible right wingers and asserting that at least two million people would show up to carry out his promises.  In both cases, less than 200 marchers appeared, after which Klayman shamelessly disappeared, keeping the money he had raised.

Klayman is the major legal force, as Scaife was the major financial force behind the charges against Bill Clinton, including the charges of being a sexual abuser, which Klayman's client Donald Trump is now reviving.

As of 2002, Klayman "represented" (i.e. milked for publicity and funding )  Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Dolly Kyle Browning, pretty much the whole herd of Clinton accusers.

Well, on to the three women who showed up at the second debate:

Juanita Broaddrick:

Here, I think is all you need to know about Juanita Broaddrick:  In the course of the Paula Jones case, where similar accusations were made against Clinton, and which was summarily dismissed by the judge for totally lacking in merit, Broaddrick gave a signed, legal deposition in which she denied all of the claims that she had had any kind of relationship with Clinton.  Then, in 1999, she fell into the hands of Larry Klayman, who persuaded her to repudiate her deposition, and allow him to begin a new round of legal actions based on her claims, all of which were thrown out of court, but not, of course, before being milked for every ounce of publicity possible.

Gennifer Flowers:

Clinton admitted to having had sex with model and actress Gennifer Flowers, one time, in 1977, two years after he was married.  Flowers admitted that she had made a half million dollars publicizing this, and claims of much more.  Later,

"Flowers sued Stephanopoulos, Carville and others in 1999 for defamation (later amending the suit in 2000 to include Hillary Clinton as a defendant), claiming that they orchestrated a campaign to discredit her. Judicial Watch represented her in her defamation ... Summary judgment dismissing the case was given by a US district court in 2004.[12] The dismissal was affirmed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in 2006."

Judicial Watch- that would be Larry Klayman again.

Kathleen Willey:

What you need to know:

"Willey hasn’t just accused Bill Clinton of groping her against her will. Willey has also launched a cornucopia of accusations about both Clintons — that they’ve stalked her, stolen from her, vandalized her things, sent “thugs” to intimidate her and even that they murdered her husband and framed it as a suicide.

Oh yeah, and Willey also floats the theory that the Clintons have it out for her pets.

In her book “Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton” — published by WND Books, a subsidiary of the right-wing conspiracy theory site WorldNetDaily — Willey suggests that the Clintons hired people to run an intimidation campaign against her during the Starr investigation, in which she was asked to testify about her claims that Bill Clinton groped her.

A month before her deposition, Willey writes in her book, she let her cat Bullseye out and he never returned."

They killed her cat.  Notice, by the way, the presence of Larry Klayman's home away from home, World Net Daily, in promoting this absurd avalanche of accusations.

"Two days after her deposition, Willey writes, she found a small animal skull on her porch, which she assumed was her dead cat.

“Investigators recovered a small animal skull in Willey’s yard and sent the evidence to the FBI labs for analysis,” Newsweek reported in 1998. “Tests showed it belonged to a raccoon.”

There's more, believe it or not, but I think that's enough.

And this whole thing is enough to get a feel for the sort of people who are still casting these largely unproven accusations at the Clintons, and the real motivators of all of this, who lurk barely concealed behind them, but hidden enough to fool the mainstream press.


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