Monday, October 17, 2016

McCain Spills The Beans

The apparently senile John McCain let the cat out of the bag today, about Republicans' intentions regarding the Supreme Court if Hillary is elected President:

“I promise you that we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton, if she were president, would put up,” McCain told Philadelphia radio host Dom Giordano. “I promise you. This is where we need the majority"

Of course, when he realized what he had said, he tried to walk it back, but really, there is nothing unclear about "we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton, if she were president, would put up"

So much for the pretense, which any rational person knew was a lie, about leaving the choice of the next Supreme Court Justice to "the next President."  That only applied, as McCain verified, if the next President turned out to be a Republican, because this is not about some ludicrous notion of popular opinion, it was always about cramming another right wing, corrupt monster like Antonin Scalia down our throats, so the Republicans' rich backers could continue to savage the country to sate their own greed.

Do not expect a thing to be any different than what McCain describes.  If they have a majority in the Senate, Hillary can sit year after year, not seeing a Supreme Court Justice of her choice approved, regardless of the clear Constitutional duty of the Senate.  And if they are a seat or two short of a majority, they will use filibusters and every dirty trick on earth to see that the same thing happens.

And please remember, this treacherous behavior will not be confined to this issue. When Obama was elected and the Republicans decided to do everything they could to sabotage him, the decision was taken in secret, and was at least not made until after the election.  This time around, they don't give a damn who knows what they are up to.  They have not learned a single positive lesson from what happened with Obama.  This time around, they will be twice as intransigent, and twice as committed to destroying the government's ability to function.

This party is mad.  And like a mad dog it needs to be put down.  Maybe some halfway sane Conservative party would take its place, and maybe it will just fracture into a number of largely regional parties that stand for little more than hatred and violence.  Either way, the time has come when the dreaded one-party rule, if that party is the Democratic one, is manifestly superior to allowing the Republicans to have a voice in the running of our country.  Of course, I have no more faith in Hillary than I did in Barack to actually plunge the stake in and finally see the end of this curse, so we are undoubtedly doomed to at least eight more years of Republicans' eating away at the United States from within, punctuated every couple of years by a massively funded, vicious electoral circus like that which we have had to endure for the last year.


Anonymous said...

" massively funded, vicious electoral circus "

I kind of like that bit of wordsmithing, thanks.

Green Eagle said...

And thank you.