Monday, October 10, 2016

Both Sides

A few articles on the second Clinton-Trump debate from our mainstream press:

New York Times:
"Tawdry Charges and Character Attacks Fill Second Debate"
"Race That Hit Rock Bottom Goes Still Lower"
"A Barroom Brawl"

Washington Post:  "Second presidential debate takes the low road as attacks and slurs dominate"

Chicago Tribune:   "A dark debate: Trump and Clinton spend 90 minutes on the attack"

CNN   "...a debate that darkened politics"

See? Both sides were equally vicious, lying jerks.  Even though we all know that only one side was, that's not what they are going to report.  Because the truth is not the story that needs to be forced down our throats.  Because God forbid that Hillary gets a real mandate (the prospect of Trump winning is pretty much approaching zero at this point) and people start to feel a little uncomfortable about four more years of Republican subversion of our government.

And, by the way, if that wasn't enough, here is CBS' take on things:

CBS News:  "Was fly sending message when it landed on Hillary Clinton's face?"

Because maybe Trump was right, and Hillary really is Satan.

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