I'm still standing with my view that the current runaway popularity of Donald Trump among Republican voters, 15 months ahead of the election, is just an infantile act of fury, from a group of people who have been told ever since Ronald Reagan that government is nothing but a crooked scam to rip them off, and that if it didn't exist, they would all be rich by now.  The Republican party has created a monster, and now it can't keep it in its cage- at least for the time being.  But if the last eight or so Republican Presidential choices indicate anything, when it comes down to it, these people are going to have the Republicans' rich backers once again cram down their throats a candidate that will do the bidding of the likes of the Koch Brothers and the Waltons, at which point, as they say "Democrats fall in love; Republicans fall in line."

Right now, that candidate, in my perhaps worthless opinion, is still strongly likely to be Jeb! with the nauseating Scott Walker an outside possibility if the Kochs decide to spend a significant part of their billion dollar war chest on the Republican primaries.  I don't think that is going to happen, however.  The difference between Jeb! and Walker isn't all that great, and it pales in comparison to the lure of having a Republican in the White House in 2017, to make permanent the corporate corruption of the Supreme Court, destroy Social Security and Medicare, and to start a couple of highly profitable wars in the process.

By the way, have you ever seen a greater example of denial in the history of mankind, than that involving the American voters who seem to actually believe that if the Republicans control Congress and the White House, they will not destroy Social Security and Medicare?


Magpie said…
GE, as a rational person you are concerned as to whether a candidate can win, whether his policies are feasible and sensible.

The people who think Trump is a worthwhile contender are not so connected to the real world. They just like how he shoots his mouth off.

The stupidity of what he has says matters little, they just like the outrage it causes, and take a weird vicarious pleasure in it. This point was brought home to me when he hit no great speedbump in disparaging McCain and by extension all people who become prisoners of war. Even in a country that venerates its military as much as the United States, it mattered not. They still liked the outrage.

That the masses it offends CAN ALSO VOTE doesn’t seem to occur to them, because no person who does not share their intellectually and ethically void worldview ‘matters’ anyway. Not even to the extent that they exist.
I did a grand tour of Right wing blogs when Obama beat Romney. My God, GE... the SHOCK. Some simply could not believe it. Didn’t even see it coming.

And while I’m talking about this sort of voter, I will add that there is a straightforward reason they vote against their own interests:

That Republican policies never service, or even run contrary to, their own aspirations - such as they are – does not matter because TOMORROW is another day.
Tomorrow their ship could come in. Tomorrow they could be millionaires.
It is American optimism mutated into a bizarre satisfaction in never having gotten anywhere, because rags come before riches in every fable of celebrity and the American dream and therefore the more rags they have the more riches they are sure to have.
Harry Berry said…
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Green Eagle said…
Sarah Palin, are you trying to sneak in here under a false name again?

And Magpie, very sensible as usual. I still believe that a lot of the support for Trump is a product of mindless anger, and that when the real election comes along, the Republican base will more or less fall in line behind the usual rich guys' pick. Remember that Reagan, the seeming exception to this rule, was really an actor picked and groomed for the role by a cabal of rich backers. And he did the bidding of those backers, regardless of the fact that he was screwing every normal person in the country.
BB-Idaho said…
Since Trump left many bankers holding the back on his several bankruptcies, his
big $$$ campaign chest is personal fortune. Given a 49% disapproval, which will
undoubtedly grow, the Wharton School embarrassment will fade back into 'reality' TV.
Harry Berry said…
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