As far as I am concerned, the only interesting thing about the recent Republican "debate" is the lengths the mainstream media are going to in order to pretend that anything of the slightest interest happened.  In fact, things went exactly as you could have predicted- Trump was a boor, Jeb was a boring, not very smart, privileged child, Christie was a bully, Rand Paul was a pathetic imitation of a smart guy, Scott Walker was a preprogrammed hustler.  In the eyes of the press, that made it a highly successful evening; no one self-destructed beyond repair, and the Republicans can go on pretending that they are a reasonable alternative to Democrats, instead of the endless collection of corrupt hustlers that they really are.

Ho hum.  Another day in modern America.


Joan of Arc said…
Enlivened, after the event, by Trump's "on the rag" rejoinder. This from the guy who said he daughter was so hot he'd do her.
Professor Chaos said…
To even call that a debate seems ridiculous. It was more of a 10-person joint press conference, with each candidate getting questions tailored specifically for him and no rebuttals from opposing candidates.
Grung_e_Gene said…
The press has to keep humping the chicken to convince the American People the Republican Party isn't a collection of Reactionary Neo-Confederate Bigots in thrall to the Plutocracy.

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