It's Still Alive

Can we now stop pretending that the coarse, vicious diatribes of Donald Trump are pushing the Republican party in a direction it doesn't want to go?  Trump is simply openly speaking what they all believe, just without the tattered cloak desperately pulled over the truth by advisers and political consultants.  We are constantly getting glimpses of the racism, hatred of women, xenophobia and love of violence from other Republicans; the only difference with Trump is that he is letting us see it all at once.

Do Not Call Up That Which Ye Cannot Put Down

This IS the Republican party.  It is the party of Reagan, of Nixon, of Bush.  It is a party of hatred and greed.  That is all it is about any more, and I, for one, thank Donald Trump for presenting it to us out in the open.

I am almost sympathetic with certain Republicans who now seem to believe that Trump is a Democratic plant.  They're wrong, of course.  There never was a Republican candidate more representative of the base that they have worked so hard to create, and now they are stuck with that base, and their champion.


Anonymous said…
Indeed, the party of hatred and greed. Thank you and I'm glad you are back.
joseph said…
Here is the thing about immigration. Most people prefer to sleep where they slept the night before. Most Latinos would prefer to stay in their own country, if they have any opportunity there. If you have a mansion in a poor neighborhood and are having feasts for your friends every day and are worried about your neighbors taking stuff, you can do one of two things. You can set up a fence and hire armed guards or you can work to make sure your neighbors have a better life. It is cheaper, safer, better and more moral to work to make sure your neighbors have better wages and more opportunity.
Green Eagle said…
I have long insisted that migration is virtually a natural force, unstoppable as a tsunami. Just like the only way to stop water from flowing from one place to another is to make their depths equal, the only real way to stop illegal immigration is to raise the incomes of people in poor countries. This has the added advantage of denying international corporations the ability to exploit the labor of poor countries in order to make money selling their goods in rich countries. If I were President, I would spend about a third of our disgusting military budget on promoting unions in third world countries. It would be about the best investment in our security we could ever make.

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