Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Special Wingnut Wrapup

Well, folks, here's a special "treat!"  It's an entire Wingnut Wrapup from one single website!  It's one I just stumbled across, and I have to say that its author, one Bobbi Lea, is a busy little beaver when it comes to spreading the hate.  There's so much  really astounding information to learn from Bobbi, so let's just dive right in:

"No More 'Way of the Jungle' For White, Christian Children - Saggy Pants For Arkansas School Kids OUT "

Saggy pants. Arkansas ranks 44th in education among the states.  It's comforting to see them concentrating on what's really important to their children.

"8 United Nations Servants Killed As Afghans Protest Quran-Burning In Jew Controlled U.S."

Bobbi doesn't have much to say about the racist right wing Christians who actually burned the Quran.  Oh no, they're not at fault at all.  It's the Jews.

"Saudi Royal Family Conceal Their Jewish Origin"

Bet you'd have never figured that one out on your own.

"Insects Will Be Important Part of UK Diet By 2020"

Bobbi, did you ever taste their regular food? You probably don't get that much of it down there is Dogbutt, Mississippi or wherever you're from, and I suspect that you're not much of a world traveler, so take it from me:  Bugs might be a step up for them.
"The Incompetence and Shame of the Jew Controlled Military: U.S. Led Troops Kill Three Afghan Civilians, Injured In The Process"

Petraeus...Oh, that's a Jewish name for sure.

"Government May Shut Down, But Jew Riddled Congress Will Still Get Paid"

They want to get paid, and they can't even figure out a Jewish riiddle!  What, you mean like "How many Rabbis does it take to bake a Purim cookie?"

"Meat From Offspring Of Cloned Animals To Hit The Shelves In UK - White Christian Families Unaware They Are Eating Satanic Food "

See my remark above.  Satanic food or bubble and squeak...We report- you decide.  Why is this loon so obsessed with British food?  Now there's a real riddle.

"Gandhi Was A Bisexual Sodomite - Jew Bodybuilder Took Possession of His Soul and Put Him Into (gay sex) Slavery With A Vengeance"

 A Jewish bodybuilder? Who do you think is going to believe that one, Bobbi?  Of course, you probably think Arnold Schwarzenegger is Jewish.  And maybe Jean Claude Van Damme too.

"Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen - Tells All About Christ Killing, Jew Abortion Doctors"

The same ones that killed Christ?  Retire already, guys, and give someone else a chance to abort all those Jews.

"Jew Terrorists Running The U.S: 50,000 Manufacturing Jobs Have Been Lost Every Month Since 2001"

Say, am I starting to detect a theme running through a lot of these comments?  Listen, Bobbi, here's a friendly suggestion:  I really think your intellect is more suited to musing about baggy pants.  Think it over.

"Are Jew-U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters' brains to melt down?"

Man, I could buy into that one.

"Galactic and Solar Violence - Jew Controlled U.S. Pathetically Unprepared"

Yes, you read that right- it is all the fault of the Jews that we are totally unready to fight off the next wave of galactic violence to hit our shores.  Like I said, Bobbi is really devoted to laying out the real threats that we are facing.  Yes Sir!   And just who is this all-wise Bobbi Lea?

"Bobbi Lea is associated with no group or organization, but under the direct Command and Leadership of Almighty God"

An almighty God with a nasty taste in practical jokes, apparently.

"All statements and links I have posted here are documented facts, via history and the Holy Bible. Should you become offended and outraged, your true hatred lies with YAHWEH the Christ, who is Almighty God. And you have hated Him long before you hated me."

And did we hate him before we decided that you were a stupid, lying, racist, hate-filled pig?  That's my Jewish riddle for the day.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Wow! She deserves a special category of wingnut. Mega Wingnut Extraordinaire?

People like her make me rethink the "intertubes" and how morons like her use it to spread their venom is probably NOT what Algore invented it for.

Pass the eye bleach, please.

tnlib said...

Gag. "Pigs" is too nice. Does she have many followers?

Anonymous said...

Are Muslims Jews - I get confused....?

Green Eagle said...

Well, I'll tell you what...if the Saudi royal family are Jews, I guess the other Muslims probably are too.