Sunday, April 3, 2011

Remember Those Death Panels?

How about this?

"(The Florida Senate Budget Committee)  voted to slash health care spending for transplant recipients and other "medically needy" patients with catastrophic illness but who lack sufficient insurance coverage."

Not only were there no death panels in the Obama health care reform bill, but the very Republicans that screamed this lie so loudly would have been perfectly happy if there had been.  So happy in fact that they are enacting death panels themselves.


mastercynic said...

Insurance companies have been running death panels since the inception of health insurance - if it costs too much (read: more than a lawsuit settlement) - let them die.

Green Eagle said...

Well, as I have insisted before, half of the purpose of Republican attacks is to make people believe that, whatever sleazy thing the Republicans do, the other side does it too. Now, when you try to point out that a third of all medical payments go to denying coverage- i.e. death panels, the Republicans are just going to start screaming their lies about Obamacare again, and since they have the megaphone, the truth will get shouted down as usual.