Saturday, February 19, 2011

Really? Who Knew?

Here's a comment from Robert Kraig, Director of Citizens' Action Wisconsin:

"Robert Kraig: Walker’s National Guard comments a thinly veiled threat against workers"

I'm sorry to harp on this situation, but this is a perfect example of the typical mealy-mouthed, weak liberal response to right wing outrages.  What in the name of God is veiled, thinly or otherwise, about a threat to use troops to put down workers? This is an open, unapologetic attack on the basic human and Constitutional rights of American citizens.  Governor Walker, and the large majority of the Republican party who love his behavior, are attempting to destroy the welfare of the vast majority of the American people.  And that is a "thinly veiled threat?"  When are Democrats going to grow up and face reality?

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