Tuesday, February 15, 2011

News We Already Knew

Remember "Curveball," the guy whose testimony formed such a big part of the Bush Administration's case for attacking Iraq?  Well:

"Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, codenamed "Curveball" by German and American intelligence officials, now admits he made up tales of mobile biological weapons trucks and clandestine weapons factories in Iraq, information that was used by the Bush White House to press the case for war. He also says he'd do it again. 

"Maybe I was right, maybe I was not right," Janabi told The Guardian. "They gave me this chance. I had the chance to fabricate something to topple the regime. I and my sons are proud of that..."

Proud.  Perhaps the way that Marshall Petain and Vidkun Quisling were proud of helping an invader crush their country and murder their fellow citizens.   A lot to be proud of there, and it is a "pride" that many in this country can share.


magpie said...

People will lie to you every day.
Sometimes the fibs are big, sometimes they're small, sometimes they do it with total connivance, sometimes they do it almost unconsciously.

But if the lives of real people were at stake, if the peace of the world was at stake, the reputation of your country was at stake, and you had at your disposal the full security apparatus of the most powerful country in the world... would you not be quite so easily deceived?

In an earlier post here you demonstrated how weak the evidence was... How there actually was no evidence.

How dumb does one have to be to fall for that with this much at stake?

I don't believe even Bush and the dimmest of his cronies were that dumb.... They knew, they lied to the world and then lied to each other about whether they were lying. Then the lie became their truth.

Green Eagle said...

Of course they knew. The Curveball story is not about Curveball- it is about Bush and Cheney and their willingness to use a paid liar to justify their aggression against an innocent country, when they could find not one shred of real evidence to support their invasion.

Dave Dubya said...

Let's not forget Curveball was a known liar to German and other intelligence agencies. The propaganda was something to make Goebbels proud. Shortly after 9-11 70% of Americans were opposed to invading Iraq. After liars club was done, 70% falsely believed Saddam had ties to al-Qaeda and was involved in 9-11.

Phantom mushroom clouds and "nukular" aluminum tubes are all you need to scare Americans into unprovoked war.