Sunday, February 6, 2011

Green Eagle is Frustrated

It has been very frustrating lately trying to find anything meaningful to say about what is going on in our country.  Well, as the Democrats pretty much stand by silently, here is what the Republican party and their followers are up to lately:

You may have heard about the latest in a recently developed Republican tactic:  the fake video.  Remember the pimp-and-ho guy from Breitbart's organization who smeared ACORN out of existence?  Well, an associate of his sent people into a whole bunch of Planned Parenthood offices posing as operators of child sex rings, and asking for abortions for their child prostitutes.  The results, which were known before any of the tapes were released, were that no one from Planned Parenthood collaborated in any way with them, and they were immediately reported to the government.  Nevertheless, a doctored tape was released which showed absolutely nothing improper happening, except for the answer to one question.  Within hours it was discovered that the tapes had been edited, taking an answer to another question and splicing it into the audio to make it appear that the Planned Parenthood people were cooperating with the supposed pimps.

Despite this disgusting behavior, this tape has been hailed on the right by everyone from Fox News and the usual talk-radio suspects, down to innumerable wingnut blogs, as justification for eliminating Planned Parenthood completely.  None of them cares a whit that the whole story is a malicious lie, because like two year olds, dececy and honesty mean nothing to them; all that matters is getting what they want.

Now, another phony controversy is brewing on the right.  This one alleges that the Obama administration has hidden away an annual Centers for Disease Control report because it supposedly contains some sort of bad information about abortions.  Never mind that not a single one of them is able to hallucinate what that information might be. The claim is that the report was not released on the DAY that the annual report is ALWAYS released, proving that Obama is up to something.  Well, a cursory effort to contact the CDC would have resulted in uncovering the information that the report is not issued on the same day every year, and that it had been held up this year because some of the data were not available.

Nevertheless, the outrage is flowing over Obama's evil deed, and it is being cited as one more reason to remove him from office.

Meanwhile, we have the spectacle of our new Republican House of Representatives.  Remember all the promises that they were going to slash the budget deficit and enact job-creating legislation?  Well, that was yesterday.  The new Republican House majority, with staffs packed with corporate lobbyists, has proposed absolutely nothing to meaningfully reduce the deficit, and is instead using its claimed mandate to attempt to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education and anything else that stands in the way of the rich having everything.  In the meantime, they are also working full time to destroy Social Security and Medicare, in the name of fiscal prudence.  And in the meantime, all we get in the way of  "job creation" is the same old Republican cant that if we just let rich people do whatever they damned please, they will suddenly spend their money creating jobs for the rest of us.

Other than that, their only interest seems to be in using their position to push their corporate propaganda, and passing a few meaningless but hostile anti-abortion measures and the like, to try to keep the blinders on the fools who put them back in office.

I just don't know how the country is going to survive this phenomenon, which is backed to the hilt by our mainstream media.  It leaves me pretty listless when I think about politics, and judging from much of what I'm reading, a lot of other people feel the same.  Of course, nothing would please the Republicans more than for us to abandon the public forum entirely to their endless avalanche of lying propaganda.  But I'm sure that, one by one, people are giving up on trying to fight them, and so, bit by bit, they are winning.

Update:  Here's a new lying conservative attack, which has just materialized in the last two days:

"Conservative blogs and the British press are agog over a report in London's Daily Telegraph that the U.S. provided certain information about the United Kingdom's submarine-based nuclear missile stockpile to Russia as part of recent arms negotiations. Matt Drudge nearly blew a siren on the "Secret Deal" report, which includes no quotes from either U.S. or British government sources confirming, denying or adding any context to the claim...

State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley emails TIME:   "This is bunk. Under the 1991 START Treaty, the U.S. agreed to notify Russia of specific nuclear cooperation with the United Kingdom, such as the transfer of SLBM's [submarine launch ballistic missiles] to the UK, or their maintenance or modernization."

In other words, Obama was complying with the terms of a treaty negotiated by the Republican Bush I administration.  That isn't stopping the right wing blogosphere, which has already resorted to this kind of "reporting:"

Sher Zieve, Renew America:  "Obama gives UK nuke secrets to Russia -- he MUST now be removed from office and power.  Talk about High Crimes and Misdemeanors!"

So, Obama is guilty of treason for carrying out a Republican treaty  The Republicans who negotiated the treaty, on the other hand, are patriots.  Well, what else can we expect.  You'll be hearing about this "crime" too for the next few years, if you pay attention to the right wing propaganda machine.

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