With all of the potential disasters facing this country, a House subcommittee decided that today would be a good time to have the first hearings in fifty years about UFO's.  Could there possibly be a more stupid, and really, malicious waste of the country's resources?  Russia is on the verge of precipitating World War III, the Republican party is openly subverting our government, and their ignorant tools are killing people to speed along the process.  The almighty free enterprise system can't even keep an adequate supply of baby formula, we appear to be heading toward a summer of heat-induced disasters that could eclipse what we have already seen, half of the country seems to be descending into literal mental illness, and this is what they decided to do today.  This is an open sign of the willingness on the part of many of our "representatives" to send this country to hell, as long as nothing they do interferes with their meal tickets.


Unknown said…
An apostrophe is a terrible thing to waste.
Infidel753 said…
Clearly an appropriate use of the government's time and money. Next they can hold hearings on whether ouija boards actually communicate with ghosts, or whether the Sun is actually being swallowed by a dragon during eclipses.

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