It's Not Just The Catholics

 From the Washington Post:

"Southern Baptist leaders covered up sex abuse, kept secret database, report says

The findings of nearly 300 pages include shocking new details about specific abuse cases and shine a light on how denominational leaders for decades actively resisted calls for abuse prevention and reform. Evidence in the report suggests leaders also lied to Southern Baptists over whether they could maintain a database of offenders to prevent more abuse when top leaders were secretly keeping a private list for years."

I particularly liked the Post's prediction of the consequences of this discovery:

"The report — the first investigation of its kind in a massive Protestant denomination like the SBC — is expected to send shock waves throughout a conservative Christian community that has had intense internal battles over how to handle sex abuse."

No it won't, as the Post's writers know perfectly well, any more than the revelations about the Catholics did.  What it will produce is a new wave of Q-Anon like lying claims of child sexual abuse, directed toward the Democrats, which the press will use to both-sides this information into oblivion, and which will, in the runup to the next election, be given far more publicity than the real facts about the Christian religion and the party it supports.  Lies about Hillary eating dead babies are infinitely more useful than the truth about these decades, and probably centuries, of widespread child sexual abuse on the part of Christian religious leaders.


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