Well, I've been kicked off of Facebook for thirty days for suggesting that Tucker Carlson should be executed as a traitor, just like Lord Haw Haw was at the end of World War II.  Carlson, of course, is free to use social media to effectively campaign daily for violence against non-white people, with results such as we saw this weekend- ten real, dead Americans, slaughtered in the name of Carlson's particular brand of hatred.  That is perfectly fine, apparently, as long as he keeps making money for rich sociopaths.  This brings me to the topic of this particular rant, "stochaistic terrorism."

William Joyce, A.K.A. Lord Haw Haw

Stochaistic terrorism is a term I only heard of a few years ago, but the concept stretches back at least a couple of centuries into history.  Basically, stochaistic terrorism is what has been called for decades "leaderless revolution," a terrorist tactic in which the powerful manipulators of human events constantly seek to incite violence in their followers.   They do this knowing perfectly well that if they persist with sufficient fervor, they will eventually succeed in motivating some mentally disturbed or fringe people to act upon their provocation.  

This strategy, which almost invariably isolates the true sources of terrorist violence from any consequence of their behavior, stretches back at least as far as Russian Nihilism of the nineteenth century, and has had a notable role in the atrocities of the Irish Liberation Army and the PLO.  Its worst outcome may be the participation of a right wing cabal in the Serbian army in aiding the terrorist impulses of Gavrilo Princip, which set off World War I- an example of what the end result can be of allowing this kind of behavior to exist without consequence.

Now, for at least a couple of decades, this tactic has been adopted by the Republican party, which has constantly incited violence among their supporters, knowing perfectly well that their least stable followers will give way to their pressure, and commit abominable acts which cannot be legally traced back to the real perpetrators.

I fear that if a way to hold  the real generators of this violence responsible for their acts- something that I must admit has never happened in the past- right wing violence in this country is only going to grow.  It is time for Democrats to focus on this threat and find a way to deal with it.

Fat chance, huh?  


Grung_e_Gene said…
Rightwing violence (especially white male violence) is coddled and encouraged in this country.
dervy scram said…

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