The State of their Lies Today

Translate it yourself- I think you should be able to figure it out pretty quickly
even if you don't speak Russian- particularly the direction at the bottom.

As the world leader of the White Supremacists, Vlad Putin has not exactly spent the last few days covering himself and his followers with glory.  That's got to be written out of history as fast as possible.  Let's just take a look at some of the ways that, at this early point, Conservatives are explaining that their newest hero has not failed them.  Sorry, I can't be bothered to let you know the sources of this garbage, so you will just have to trust me when I tell you that I didn't make it all up.

"Situation Update: Future Proves Past!! Trump And Putin's War On Deep State Worldwide!! This Is The Storm Into The Dark Winter!!"

See, it's not an attempt by an inept dictator to crush a neighboring state for no reason, it is Putin and Trump triumphing over the deep state!

"Russia's almost done mopping up"

Mopping up their own blood.  And no, they are not done yet.  Hang on, there's more to come.

"Russian strikes led to 7 of 11 US biolabs in Ukraine being destroyed, and nobody is talking about it."

Nobody is talking about it because, of course, those biolabs don't exist.  

"Lol don't forget that Crowdstrike's servers are in Ukraine.  Those servers would house election interference evidence in the 2020 Presidential election if Trump is correct (which he always is)."

Sebulba always wins.  Except when he doesn't.  Anyway, more things in Ukraine that don't exist, but serve to justify (to the stupid) Putin's murderous onslaught.

"Ukrainian President declares martial law..."  It's almost like he is putting up the white flag."

Huh? Run that one by me again- it made no sense.  Winning is losing.

"Documents expose US Biological experiments on allied soldiers in Ukraine and Georgia"

More lies to justify this act of international criminal terrorism.  Let's see now, biolabs, election servers, experiments on soldiers...any more lies they are willing to believe to pretend that bad is good?  Maybe vampires or zombies?

Aside:  "This is Breitbart, by the way- a left leaning organization."

Breitbart- left leaning.  The mind boggles.

"had to let biden take over for failure"

That would be Trump.  See, he had to let Biden be President when Putin conquered the world, so the Democrats would get the blame, and the country would rapturously welcome Trump back as President.  Yeah, that's the story.

"Whatever the Swift Bankers Do to Russia, They Can Also Do to You! - Mike Adams Must Video"

Well, of course they can, if you invade a foreign country with 150,000 troops and start slaughtering their civilians.  Thinking of doing something like that any time soon?

"Notice Putin Dodged Trump to Save His Territorial Grabs for Weak Dem Presidents"

He saved his military because Trump gave him everything he wanted without him having to spend a nickel, except to bribe Trump with Russian oligarch financing to cover Trump's endless failed business deals.

"Trump Calls on Republicans to Launch Select Committee to Investigate Hunter Biden and Biden Family Corruption"

Because of course he did.

"CPAC Straw Poll Results Are In: Respondents Back Trump, Predict a Clinton Democratic Nomination in '24"

Bet the mortgage on that, guys.  Go ahead.

"Biden Could Stop the Russians Today Just Like Reagan"

How?  How did Biden stop Reagan?  I don't remember that.

"The Press Continues to Look to Blame Anyone But Biden on the Ukraine Crisis"

Because "anyone but Biden" (you know who they mean) is responsible.

"CPAC 2022: Donald Trump Jr. Closes out the Conference With a Shout-out to the Young Cons: 'You Are the New Rebels'

You are the new suckers.  They're starting to run out of the old ones.

Anyway, to them, this pack of nonsense, concocted in only a couple of days, is far preferable to the truth, which is that they are suckers in the hands of a pair of incompetent would-be dictators.  


Grung_e_Gene said…
RepubliKKKans two-stepped away from Putin and Russia Rule to Joe Biden is weak.

It's a testament to their hermetically sealed info bubble sniffing their own farts that they are unaware or refuse to see the diplomatic triumph of President Biden in leading NATO and getting some many increasing sanctions and isolation of Russia economically.

But, The Grotesque Ole Putin Party will run on Weak Biden in 22 and 24. I assume their compliant Corporate Media will do the rest.
Green Eagle said…
The same with the economy. GDP growth and job creation have zoomed under Biden, but they (and the mainstream press, thank you very much, guys) just ignore that. This country is in the grips of the worst white tantrum since...well, you know, the guy with the funny mustache.

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