It's Enough To Make You Give Up

 I had a reason at work to look at some aerial views of Auschwitz, on Google Earth.  Here is one:

I took a little look at the rest of the modern city of Oswiecim.  Here is a residential neighborhood a couple of miles from the prison camp:

Really, how much has changed?  Sure, these people are not headed directly to the gas chambers- oh no, a few more decades of work must be extracted from them before they are allowed to pass on to their eternal reward, but come on...

Having been trained as an architect myself, I can at least express some respect for the degree to which the designers of these buildings drew their inspiration from a classic specimen of 20th century design. 

 What the hell is wrong with people?


bt1138 said…
An Architect you say?

Well, speaking as one (practicing) architect to another, sometimes it's not what the buildings look like that matters, it's what goes on inside...

I've never been but they might have even fancied them up a little bit from the outside to cloak the goings-on within. Many of my clients would be clever enough to ask me to do that if the SitUAtIon required it.

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