It's All Just Perfectly Normal

 This news today, from Talking Points Memo:

"Former Vice President Mike Pence signaled on Wednesday that it’s not a given that he’ll cooperate with the House Jan. 6 select committee."

Because it's perfectly normal for someone to refuse to cooperate with an investigation into an attempt to murder them.  

After all, there is nothing in the Constitution that forbids murdering the Vice President if it gets you what you want, and we know how dedicated Republicans are to a literal reading of that document.


Infidel753 said…
Maybe he's doing some of that Christian turn-the-other-cheek horseshit we keep hearing about. Probably not, though.
Green Eagle said…
Nothing can make you turn the other cheek, I guess, like a threat to kill you.
Mostly.A.Cynic said…
Mike Pence wrote a letter to Santa.."Please Santa can you send me a pair for Christmas? I've seem to have lost mine"
Jack said…
Howdy y'all!

You know how Pence would look at Trump during their time together? What's a little murder and political assassination to someone who simpers like that?

Besides, how is going to court the MAGA vote in '24 and become president just like god promised him if he doesn't keep on Trump's good side. Cooperating wouldn't be keeping on Trump's good side, now would it? Ya see? It's all part of god's plan.

dervy scram said…
Hang Mike Pence? I barely know him
Buttermilk Sky said…
Pence reminds me of those people in the Python sketch who were terrorized by Doug and Dinsdale Pirana: "Well, he had to nail my head to the floor! I had transgressed the unwritten law. He was a cruel man -- but fair."

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