Wingnut Wrapup- Forensic Audit Edition

 This is just a quick reflection on the bogus Republican "forensic audit" of the Arizona Presidential vote.  We all knew the thing was phony from the word go, but I guess we also expected that the final report would be just one more gigantic Republican lie.  Well, the "cyber ninja" goofballs who ran the thing made a giant mistake:  Instead of releasing the report in the promised month or so after receiving and despoiling the actual Arizona ballots, they stretched out this idiotic circus for five months of never ending publicity and grifting.  In the process, they gave the sane observers in this country plenty of time to examine, and reveal as totally worthless, everything they did.  So claims they might have gotten away with in April or May were impossible now.  The result: dramatic proof the the Arizona election was run totally accurately, and a gigantic humiliation to the liar Trump.

Of course, that is not what you would hear if you followed the right wing press.  I'm not going to spend much time on this, but here is a list of articles from one single website, the Gateway Pundit, posted in the three days since the announcement that the audit was a colossal failure.

And please keep in mind the fact that, in 2020, the last year for which we have statistics, the Gateway Pundit averaged 844,000 hits a day.  844,000 people every day filled with this lying garbage.

I'm not going to discus these posts in detail; they are all obvious lies and I am just going to leave it at that.  Remember, this is from three days:

"Arizona Audit Final Report Was Watered Down: Reports from Cyber Ninjas Were Edited, Most Damning Statements Removed – What Else Was Removed?"

"What Ever Happened to President Trump’s Executive Order Calling for a Review of 2016 Election Led by Former VP Pence"

"“IT’S HIGH NOON” – Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich: “If We Don’t Stand Up Now And Protect The Constitution And Rule Of Law, We’ll Never Get It Back.”"

"President Trump Lists Thousands of Ballots Included in 2020 Election In Arizona That Were Fraudulent Showing He Won the State"

"They’re On the Other Side: GOP Totally Ignores AZ Forensic Audit that Found State of Arizona NEVER Should Have Been Certified"

"WATCH: AZ State Rep Mark Finchem – Sets Rude FAKE NEWS Howie Fischer Straight – “This Is HIS Interview Howie… That’s Shameful! I Have Never Seen You Stoop That Low.”

"Not Making Headlines… AZ Forensic Audit Summary Money Quote: “Election Should Not Be Certified” and “57,734 Ballots with Known Issues – 6 Times Margin of Victory” — Updated"

"LIVE-STREAM VIDEO: President Trump Holds Rally in Perry, Georgia at 6pm Central – The Day After Explosive Arizona Audit Results"

"New Poll: Trump Decisively Beats Biden And Harris In 2024"

"REASONS TO DECERTIFY AZ – THE LIST: 70,000 Duplicated, Fraudulent, Illegal or Ghost Ballots (7 Times Biden’s Margin of Victory), Devices Missing, Data Deleted, Criminal Acts Referred to Authorities"

"Arizona Governor Ducey Does It Again – Sides with Biden and Fellow RINOs No Matter What the Facts Are with the 2020 Election in Arizona"

"Attorney Matt DePerno: Arizona Audit Officials Were Threatened – Forced to Water Down Audit Report (VIDEO)"

"Arizona Audit Finds 25-30% of Duplicated Ballots Received Between November 4th-9th After They Knew How Many Ballots Were Needed"

"BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Report Shows Fulton County, GA 2020 Election Had $2 million in Unsupported OT, 15 Missing Routers, an Agreement with the SPLC to Put in Place Drop Boxes, and More"

"AZ Audit Member Ben Cotton Reveals Significant Internet Activity by Dominion Software Including Several Entries to FOX News in January 2020"

"President Donald Trump Responds to Arizona Audit Results: “I will be discussing the winning results – which show 44,000 illegal ballots “

"AZ Audit Finds Proof of Pre-Meditated Fraud: Multiple Ballot Envelopes Had “Verified and Approved” Stamp That Appears to be PRE-PRINTED BEHIND Signature Box – Several Approved With No Signature at All"

"Arizona Senate Audit: Dominion Machines Contained Non-Maricopa County Data — From South Carolina and Washington State"


"Doug Logan from Cyber Ninjas Speaks After Dr. Shiva – Uncovers Additional 57,000 Issues (Not Counting Shiva’s 17,000 Issues)"

"Dr. Shiva at AZ Senate Hearing: Over 17,000 Total Duplicate Ballots — Votes By Those Who Voted More Than Once in Arizona — 1.5 Times Biden’s Winning Margin"

"HUGE RALLY Forms Outside Arizona Senate Hearing — AZ Patriots Come Out in Force as Audit Exposes Massive Fraud in 2020 Election"

"TRUMP STATEMENT On AZ AUDIT: “Huge Findings in Arizona – Undeniable Evidence of Fraud! A Major Criminal Event”

"President Trump Drops Second Statement on Arizona – Fake News Is Lying – “There Were Enough Fraudulent Votes… to Change the Outcome of the Election 4 or 5 Times Over”

"BREAKING: Indications Arizona Audit Appears to Show Crimes Committed Related to Tampering with Public Records"

"Steve Bannon on Arizona Audit Day: “Note to All the Liberals, The Biden Admin Is Dead, You Died, Sorry About That. Sorry Not Sorry”

"BREAKING: Early DRAFT of Portion of Arizona Report Leaked – Shows Thousands of Potential Illegal Ballots – Sen. Rogers “Findings of Great Consequence”

27 lying stories in three days.  From one website.  And don't forget the 844,000 hits a day.  When you wonder how wingnuts can go on believing lies about Covid, for example, when those lies are killing them, or can possibly believe that the criminal traitor Trump was the greatest President in history, keep in mind how intensely they are propagandized, all day, every day of their lives.


Infidel753 said…
Yeah, I spent a fair amount of time looking at Gateway Pundit over the last few days, mostly the comment threads on those posts, for the entertainment value. The insanity and self-delusion on display there are mind-blowing, to say nothing of the spelling and grammar.

The positive is that, at least among the right-wing sites I read, there was little or no coverage of the "audit" except on Gateway Pundit, neither before nor after the "report". Most of them realized a while ago that it was a dud and moved on. At most, they gave some coverage to Trump's statements about it.
Green Eagle said…
Still, at 844,000 hits a day, that means that two and a half million times, someone was exposed to at least some of this garbage. Infidel, how long do you think it would take for you or me to get two and a half million hits for what we have to say?
Infidel753 said…
Oh, there's no doubt gateway Pundit is a big player in the wingnutosphere. They're more of a (fake) news site than a blog, so a fairer comparison would be to, say, Crooks & Liars or Daily Kos. Still, the same people kept coming back again and again, so that 844,000 hits a day probably represents a much smaller number of actual persons. And GP's traffic was probably way above normal since wingnuts seeking coverage of the "audit" had almost nowhere else to go.
Mostly.A.Cynic said…
Yeah I wish you guys were getting 844,000 hits a day and other sites like yours I would feel more optimistic that there are more rational thinkers out there. It's sad and scary when one of the major political parties in this country runs strictly on unproven conspiracy theories (of course these conspiracies never will be proven because well they're bs) plus the Gateway's and The Fox's know that their viewers, followers will swallow anything dangled in front of them so of course they exploit their followers by dangling anything but the truth in front of them
Glen Tomkins said…
"Arizona Audit Final Report Was Watered Down: Reports from Cyber Ninjas Were Edited, Most Damning Statements Removed – What Else Was Removed?"

Clearly there needs to be a forensic audit of the forensic audit.

No doubt when that is is done, it too will prove inadequate to the purposes of the Gateway Pundit, requiring a forensic audit of the forensic audit of the forensic audit.

You see where this is headed. The delta variant may or may not eventually spread to all of us, but it is clear that forensic audits out to the nth derivative will utterly consume the efforts and attention of every single R from now until Doomsday.
ez said…
Glen, it is Turtles, all the way down.

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