Is Outrage Dead?

 I've been busy at work this week, but before too long a time passes, I want to comment on the ways the various living Presidents chose to celebrate the 20th anniversary of 9-11.

Jimmy Carter, who is well into his nineties, was not well enough to attend any public ceremonies.  Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all attended public ceremonies at sites linked to the 9-11 attacks.  Our current President made appearances at all three of the attack sites.  Pretty much what you would expect.

That leaves Donald J. Trump.  Here is what this disgusting jackass did on 9-11:

He appeared at an event sponsored by the Unification Church, where he lavished praise on its founder, Sun Myung Moon, who was one of the worst cult leaders in history, and who repeated every right wing lie on earth in his "Newspaper," the Washington Times, while making himself and his family obscenely rich.  You can be sure that Trump did this for pay, likely in the millions of dollars, because the mixture of spreading hatred and enriching himself is the only thing that gets him out of bed in the morning.  This man Moon is as loathsome a right wing religious fanatic as anyone in Al Qaida ever was.  

This is how Trump spent the anniversary of one of the bleakest days in our history.  This is what he thinks he owes to our country.

He then participated in a pay-per-view "boxing match" featuring the fifty-something Evander Holyfield, who got himself punched into oblivion in the first round by some martial arts dick; for which Trump unquestionably also got a great big check.  Boxing.  A celebration of violence on a day that should have been about an end to violence.  But it was a chance for him to get some money without stealing it from veterans or kids with cancer, so I guess it was just fine.

These two activities reveal  a total contempt for the Presidency that the people who, in their infinite stupidity, granted him.  They are insults to our country, which amount to "if I can't be President, then I am going to destroy everything it stands for."

And yet, to judge from the press coverage of this nauseating behavior, this is far less of a problem than, say, Biden looking at his watch during a government ceremony, which was news for days.

Now, don't even try to pretend that this is because the press has just given up trying to deal with Trump objectively.  It is because the most egregious outrages against our country are just fine with them, as long as they are perpetrated by the Republican party, to which their rich bosses belong.  But it seems like the country has collectively given up even the mildest protest at the behavior of Republicans, no matter how destructive it is.


A note:  Just so you understand what a terrible burden my job has been the last few days, here is one of the places where I have had to go to do my work:

I know you are filled with pity for me.  


Buttermilk Sky said…
And Biden forgot the name of the Australian prime minister. He's hopelessly senile, must invoke 25th Amendment.

I have given up on the MSM.

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