Wingnut Wrapup

 The crazy is growing strong with these people.  Faced with the defeat of their man-God, they could have tried living in the real world for once, but no.  Here's a bit of the result.  Note: I could not even be bothered to identify the sources of this garbage.  They are all saying the same thing, so what does it matter?

"Huge- Breaking- Limited Martial Law to Be Enacted...People declaring Martial Law to restore the constitution."

"People" being Donald Trump, I guess.  Well, it's just about the only hope he has at this point.  Don't be surprised if he gives it a try.  Although I am not sure how enacting martial law will "restore the Constitution."  I'll have to think about that one.

And more of the same:

"D-Day! Trump and The Insurrection - Digital Pearl Harbor, It's About To Get Real...It’s a world of corruption all aimed at destroying the United States of America.  There are more communists inside America’s Government than there are in the rest of the nation.  Limited Martial Law is clearly a better option than Civil War!"

How about just accepting that Biden won?  That would be better than a military dictatorship or a civil war, wouldn't it?  No?  Not unless you guy win?

"Many will object to these actions, as they did in Lincoln’s day, but we assure you that We the People understand that no less action will suffice to prevent the loss of our Constitutional right to vote and preserve our Republic."

Ending representative democracy and replacing it with a dictatorship will save the Constitution.  

And more:

"Martial Law Coming?  BREAKING!!! We have friends in the military being activated all over the U.S. Including Michigan – listen to this. Rick from TruNews claims to have intel that Trump WILL be issuing a Martial Law in MI, WI, PA, GA, and likely AZ as well...Troops are going to seize the election offices"

And Trump absolutely will if he decides he can get away with it.  

"...the president asked about (convicted felon and former Trump national security advisor Michael) Flynn’s suggestion of deploying the military, those briefed said."

The treason goes all the way to the top.  And maybe Trump is up to this:

"New: Donald Trump Discussing Appointing Sidney Powell as Special Counsel on Election Fraud"

The absolutely most lunatic of all his defenders.  So he would appoint her to be a plague on the Biden administration, which could not summarily kick her out, as she deserves, for years.

And let's not forget to consider this possibility:

"What if...God Still Wants Donald Trump to Win the 2020 Election?"

Which implies that God ever did want Trump to win.

"I have struggled with writing this article for about 2 weeks and finally decided to sit down and just roll with it."

Maybe you should have given it three weeks.

"Now, until recently, the thought of anyone actually saying that the Lord Jesus would want a particular candidate to win an election had never crossed my mind."

But now?  It seems perfectly reasonable if the alternative is a Democrat winning the election.  Lord Jesus wasn't for Washington or Lincoln or FDR, but he is for the biggest criminal in the history of the American government.  Sure gives you a new take on Jesus.  A really stupid take, but a new one.

"I decided to Google about people praying for Donald Trump to win — and I could not believe what I found. There were over two dozen articles of people not only talking about praying for Trump to win, but actually prophesying that Trump was still GOING to win, weeks after the voting ended, and even still to this very day.  Saying I was shocked was a bit of an understatement."

TWO DOZEN ARTICLES!  The facebook group Disapproving Corgis gets more posts than that every day.  So I guess this should be our next President:

Just be glad I didn't find a picture of a Corgi with Keith Richards, or I would have posted it twenty times in a row.

"So, the natural question is, could there be anything to this movement of people saying they are hearing from God about this election and how Donald Trump figures into it?"

No.  The answer is no.  Now let's move on to some of the explanations for what is going on in this country that wingnuts find more believable than Biden having won the election.  Here is my favorite:

"Return of the Fallen & Multidimensional Mind Virus That Swept the Globe...

Time Jumpers , Leyland Builders, OOPARTS, MIB “Capinera” Fulfilling Soul Contracts, Walk ins from the 80’s Antares & Influence of ET’s 4D vs 3D 1987 Harmonic Convergence Telepathic Hivemind Slavecamps, They All Know Each others movements, each others thoughts Moon Craters are Dishes Frequency Activates the Mind Virus From the Moon Galactic Council Decision Made in 1970’s, afterwards mass UFO Sightings Installations put into our harmonic energy grid, that’s keeping us in the dark and veiling itself.

Cosmic Sludge that is blocking us from 4D replication of Cosmic Slime that has Veiled us, it’s a Soul Coat thats around our world a form of replication. Fractals, Fractions of Atom, Adam Higher Level Consciousness, once you understand it, it knows you understand."

Well, that has to be the explanation, right?

"US F16 Fighter Jet Downed by Chinese Troops in Canada!"

Who could doubt that story?  Particularly after last week's revelation that twenty thousand Chinese troops were just killed in Maine.

"CIA assassination squads are active in America, taking out election fraud witnesses."

Can't wait to hear the evidence for that claim.

"in view of the recent SCOTUS decision to Throw Out Texas Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin, the raw truth must be revealed.  No matter how one views it, the U.S. Supreme Court is populated with treasonous communists and seditious cultural marxists."

Because if they don't do exactly what Trump wants, that is what they are, even the ones he appointed himself.

"Chief Justice Roberts is not only on powerful psychoactive pharmaceutical medications, brain surgeons have had a LOT of access to his brain over the years by which to implant the most advanced mind-control and thought manipulation technology.  To control a subject like Roberts is a piece of cake"

Not as easy, apparently, as controlling 73 million Republican voters.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Will A Small County In Northern Michigan Be The Key To Overturning The Nation’s Election Results? America Should Find Out On Monday"

No it won't  you brain dead idiot.

"not surprisingly, it’s getting very little coverage by the mainstream media."

Gee, I wonder why that might be.  This claim seemingly involves three allegedly missing ballots on a marijuana initiative in the county.  Reason enough to deprive 80 million people of their votes, don't you think?

"Pleiadian Delta Forces Update!! They Are Putting Chinese Military In Suspended Animation And Taking Down Underground Bases!!"

And thank heaven for that.  The pleiadian delta forces.  Amazing.  And the proof is conclusive:

"What you are about to read is a conversation between Sharon Stewart and one of the beings she channels… one of the highest intel sources available…"

A being she "channels."   Here's a sample of what she was told:

"Me: Yeah. How about that German doctor, Heiko Schoening?

Soren: No comment. LOL

Me: I can tell he’s not from earth."

Not the one that sane people inhabit, anyway.  And now time for a Conservative humor break:

Bet you got a good laugh out of that one, huh?

"Trump and his family and various Republicans have raised tens of millions of dollars to overturn the election fraud. Will all of that money be wasted because Republicans were incapable of guarding against election theft?"

No, because Trump has no intention of spending it on that, stupid.  He intends to keep it.

"If the Court guts the Paxton lawsuit, does the president’s oath to defend the Constitution suddenly evaporate? No way. That’s when Trump must step up to the plate and declare that his authority is on an equal par with that of the Supreme Court. On that basis, he stays in office and prevents the phony “President-elect” Joe Biden from assuming power.  As Vic Biorseth puts it, “In adjudicating the Marbury v Madison case the Supreme Court established the principle of Judiciary Review, quite properly declaring a legislated law to be unconstitutional, null and no law. The Presidency and the Congress have precisely the same power to nullify anything that is unconstitutional.  He explains, “The Constitution nowhere grants any of the three coequal branches of government any interpretive authority over itself that is in any way superior to the interpretive authority of the other two branches.”

That means Trump’s interpretation of his powers is as valid as any other."

As valid as any other?  For Example the interpretation of Green Eagle, who has declared that the new President of the United States is Keith Richards?  

"Any time before a fraudulently elected candidate is inaugurated, while you are still President, if the state governments, the Congress and the Supreme Court have failed to overturn this fraudulent election, then, you must overturn it...You can nullify it by simply declaring it to be unconstitutional, null and void, thereby establishing a new Constitutional Principle of Presidential Review.”

Trump can nullify the election simply by saying so.  A "new Constitutional principle."  I.e. one that isn't in the actual Constitution.  Interesting interpretation of the President's powers.

"SOME HOW BIDEN GOT WORD FROM THE ASSOCIATE PRESS HE WON THE ELECTION SO HE GAVE A SPEECH...Joe Biden was told by the Associated Press that there was an election of the Delegate that took place and he won.  So now the Associated Press is declaring the winner of our elections?"

No, the Electoral College declared the winner of our elections.  The Associated Press just reported their vote.  Not quite the same thing.

"President Trump has referred the Election To Congress 6 January...In the mean time – many members of the military are stating they are about to act and arrest all of these lying Governors and their Demon Possessed Freaks who work for these Governors – Including their CIA Handlers

Marshall Law must be declared, our government is so corrupted and likely being being blackmailed with child sex. We will never get them quickly using this corrupted system, we MUST take drastic measures. We don’t have time to screw around, Trump must take control by whatever means necessary."

Marshall law?  

"Joe Biden Must Spare America and know what would make life better for America? For Democrats?  If Joe Biden would right now concede the 2020 race.  Just Concede"

Just concede an election that he won by seven million votes.  Just give in to right wing intimidation and death threats.  Yeah, that is the way to a happy country.  Look how well it worked in Germany.

"Pardon everybody.  Oh, the libs and their yipping media poodles will get mad. They'll foam at the mouth and howl at outrage at the way President Trump has spirited away their intended prey. Good. Their pain makes it all the better."

Because hurting other people is all these vicious hate-filled Conservatives really care about, anyway.

"Now Is Not the Time to Bail Out States and Increase Dependency"

No, the time is every fucking year when Blue States send tens of billions to Red States to keep their destroyed Republican economies in existence.  But when Blue States need a little help to deal with a pandemic made colossally worse by Republican mismanagement, well, forget it, buddy.

"liberals don’t get it. They love talking about the popular vote totals. Those don’t matter. Yes, Joe Biden received more than 7 million more popular votes.   It never ceases to amaze me how liberals zero-in on the stuff that doesn’t matter."

Who the American people actually want to be President doesn't matter to Republicans.  Oh well, no sense pretending about it any more.

"Yale University Is Attempting To Manipulate People Into Taking The Vaccinations!"

What next- they'll "manipulate" people into having appendectomies or going to the dentist?  The bastards.

"Attorney Lin Wood accuses Chief Justice Roberts of treason..."This may be most important tweet of my life. Chief Justice John Roberts is corrupt & should resign immediately. Justice Stephen Breyer should also resign immediately. They are “anti-Trumpers”"

Anti-Trump equals treason.

"Former Seal Michael K. Jaco: Venusians on Earth Helping Humanity - Secret Space Program and Hitler's Offspring in Politics"

Venusians!  Hitler!  It's all coming true!  Well, we never had Venusians and Hitler together until Trump.  He is the greatest.

"Police car films something strange on the road in Rabun County, Georgia. What is it?"

A sane white person?  That's my guess.

And just in case you have forgotten who is at the bottom of all of this:

"Head Scars of Obama 100% Match Akhenaten Hieroglyph! Pharaoh Returning for End Times!  Great Videos!"

Obama!  An ancient pharaoh!  It must be true- it's on You Tube!  And while we are at it, let's not forget that the hair of Donald Trump matches that of Cletus the Giant Orange Rat.

"This is why they are pushing the “Trump assassination” propaganda: Donald Trump is the fall guy for Barack Obama’s return. The devil is about to pull off the biggest dupe America will ever see – this will be the trigger of THE APOCALYPSE, the start of the ensuing Biblical time of trouble, and Satan’s New World Order reign on Earth!

Barack Obama is a deceiver like none other and he is NOT DONE! The spirit that is hosting Obama is beyond sinister, we are talking about the subtlety of the serpent, his double talk is almost undetectable. 

He fooled the entire world. His entire public life was fabricated. He is guilty of treason and innumerable acts of lawlessness. He ran the largest powerhouse country for 8 years with a completely fake birth certificate – there have been zero indictments – WAKE UP people!"

I blame Obama.  

Enough already.  See you soon, possibly right after the declaration of independence of the White People's Republic of Trumpistan, sometime soon after New Years. 


Poll P. said…
Glad to see you so lighthearted!
Green Eagle said…
It's the Christmas spirit.
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