Let the Whining Commence

 And here we go with a sample of the right wing reaction to the crushing of their great Supreme Court case Friday night.  I know you can hardly wait:

Beth Baumann, Town Hall:  "Here's What Hunter's Latest Email Dump Revealed About Joe's Involvement in Chinese Business Dealings"

Nothing.  That's what it revealed.  The e-mails (God, e-mails are magic to Republicans) involved Hunter giving Joe Biden a key to his offices, where he intended to do some of his own work after leaving the Vice Presidency.  Which somehow proves that Hunter and Joe were involved in a gigantic conspiracy with Communist China.  An utterly meaningless story, but it is the top post at Town Hall this morning; anything to distract the faithful from yesterday's Supreme Court slaughter.

Beth Baumann, Town Hall:  "Tucker Issues a Warning... About a Potential President AOC?"

And this is the next story at Town Hall today- Be Very Scared of What AOC Might Do In Four Years!  Just forget about the three thousand dead every day and the trashed economy.  Forget about the Republican attempt to destroy democracy.  You need to be worried about AOC instead!

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Texas GOP Chairman Allen West Hints At Secession in Statement Responding to SCOTUS Decision"

And this is the next story at Town Hall today.  Finally a story about the Supreme Court decision.  Well, not quite about that; It's about the Texas GOP chairman, who I ask you to remember is a war criminal*.  It is about West's belligerent threat to start a new Civil War, which Leah seems to be very happy with.

Mike Miller, Red State:  "'Kracken' up? Sidney Powell's New 'Emergency Filings' With SCOTUS 'Prove Massive Voter Fraud' in 3 States...Powell on Friday night announced “emergency filings” in the Supreme Court against Georgia and Michigan, and later, Arizona. “Pay attention!”, she tweeted."

There may be only one truth, but there are a million lies.  And here come some more of them.  Sidney shows the legal acumen she has demonstrated so abundantly with the following comment, which I guess sums up a lot of Republicans' feelings when their candidate loses:

"one of the arguments Powell made in her “last-ditch effort” was that U.S. citizens are “not actually entitled to vote for president.”

Not when the Democrat wins, anyway.

"Powell’s filing was “styled as an ’emergency writ of injunction’ that aims to force various Georgia officials ‘to de-certify the results of the November 3, 2020, general election and to enjoin them from taking any further action to perfect the certification of the results of the 2020 General Election or permit Georgia’s presidential electors to cast their votes for [Joe] Biden in the Electoral College.’”

And how will they stop the legal electors from voting for Biden?  When does it come to death threats and violence?  In Powell's view, those are vastly superior methods to pick our leaders than the popular vote, particularly when the vote is for the Democratic candidate.  How someone can stand up in public and make arguments like this never ceases to amaze me.

Streiff, Red State:  "New Jersey Democrat Demands Pelosi Strip 126 Republican Congressmen of Their Seats Because They Opposed Election Fraud"

No, he did it because they are traitors.

Nick Arama, Red State:  "We need to act in accordance with the Constitution to ensure that all states follow the law and comply with the Constitution"

That principle apparently does not extend to Republican States threatening to secede from the union.

Rick Moran, PJ Media:  "Why Did The Who Bury This Damning Report on Italy's COVID-19 Response?"

The Who?

Christina Laila, Gateway Pundit:  "President Trump Flies Over Freedom Plaza in Marine One as Thousands of Supporters Sing National Anthem"

Well, isn't that special.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "General Michael Flynn Speaks in Washington D.C. at the Jericho Rally – “We the People Decide” Who Will Be President"

The people did decide.  Deal with it, criminal.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "These Three Trump Judges Threw the President Under the Bus...Ironically the three judges placed on the Supreme Court by the President were missing in action yesterday and joined the far-left judges in throwing out the Texas case."

That would be the three that Trump nominated for the Supreme Court.  According to Republicans, they therefore owed it to him to let him destroy democracy in the United States, because even a Supreme Court nomination is a transaction requiring the new Justice to do whatever Trump wants.   At least this once, they didn't throw the Constitution under the bus.

James Arlandson, American Thinker:  "We Don't Need SCOTUS to Win...The battle is not over. It was always going to boil down to the legislatures without SCOTUS."

See my last post.  They aren't done trying to destroy democracy yet.  This post consists of a long, tendentious and ludicrous misinterpretation of the law regarding State appointment of electors, designed to allow Republicans to simply ignore the popular vote; i.e. exactly what Trump has been demanding all along.

Ed Timperlake, American Thinker:  "Dred Scott II: The second judicial civil war is now upon America...The Supreme Court was asked to adjudicate a momentous case from Texas, essentially a state vs. state dispute, and, so far, they took a pass. Call it a civil war.

Because the last time America went through a full on judicial civil war, it also was momentous, it was in their infamous Dred Scott decision of 1857 which led up to the horrific carnage of our real Civil War."

Refusing to allow the Republicans to steal the Presidency is just like being for slavery.

"In this ongoing campaign, all should also remember that President Trump has a legal defender that has been literally though fire, death and destruction. America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani"

Well, that is certainly a comfort.  Not to Republicans, though; to Democrats it promises a couple more good laughs.

C. Edmund Wright, American Thinker:  "We will find out whether or not Trump can maintain his love of country and commitment to duty, just hours and days after that country's core institutions have proven to be incredibly corrupt and immovably stacked against him and his voters.  Can he muster enough love of America to overcome what must be a well earned deep well of hate and resentment toward this nations' highest court, its entire media complex, the entertainment industry, and the entire educational establishment?"

Boy, that's the most delusional thing I've read all day.  "A deep well of hate and resentment toward this nations' highest court"- exactly what the American people need in a President.

Andrea Widberg, American Thinker:  "Sidney Powell is still out there fighting...even without reading the petition, I believe absolutely that Powell is correct"

You don't know what she said, but you believe she is right.  Well, there...I give in.  You win.

Natural News:  "Great clarity has now been achieved on the remaining option

The final option now remaining to save the republic is President Trump’s “national security” option, which would mirror the actions of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. Trump must now declare the fraudulent election to be an act of cyber warfare against America, deploy the military to key cities, and initiate mass arrests of court judges, mayors, governors, election officials, complicit “journalists,” members of Congress and everyone else who has colluded in this criminal conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America."

Mass arrests of of court judges, mayors, governors, election officials, complicit “journalists,” and members of Congress.  Funny, I don't remember Lincoln doing that.

"Fortunately, this is precisely the option for which President Trump has been preparing since at least September of 2018.  Trump now surely realizes this plan is the only remaining option to fulfill his oath to defend the United States of America against enemies foreign and domestic. SCOTUS has just handed Trump the clarity he needed to carry out this historic, necessary step to defend this republic in its final hour..."

Its final hour.  You betcha.  The right to violently destroy anyone who opposes him in the slightest way, given to him because the Supreme Court ruled against him.  That's what our founding fathers would have liked to see.

And let's just finish off with a few comments from a Gateway Pundit post, to see how the common salt of the earth feel about things:

"Women are just more garbage leftists"

All of them?  Who knew?

"We outnumber you. And it's our ideology that brought the birth of this nation."

Actually, we outnumber you, as the last election proved, and it is liberalism that brought the birth of this nation, not fascism.  But, whatever.

"The SCOTUS decision does not seem to be about law, since clearly if election fraud in the four states flipped the result of the Presidential election (and that is now established FACT), then Texans who voted for Trump have indeed been disenfranchised. To refuse to hear the case makes the SCOTUS complicit in the coup against the President...And there may well have been blackmail of SC justices involved in this outrageous decision."

Says a person who never spent a day in law school, but knows more about it than all nine of the Supreme Court Justices put together.

"Clearly every Texan who voted for Trump under a well run Texas voting system, has had his vote nullified, means nothing"

Clearly.  If only everyone who voted for Trump had had his vote nullified (no women voted for him, because they are all garbage leftists, as we have learned above) in 2016, our nation would have been spared this nightmare.

"So it’s war...Death to the COMMIErat Party."

Get your gun out and start shooting, buddy.  See where it gets you.  Or do you mean a war to see who can shout out the most lies for the longest time, in which case you guys win easily.

'The days of law and order are done, it back to the wild west days, fastest gun wins!"

Because this guy didn't get what he wanted.

"All 3 basically gave Trump the middle finger despite the fact he put them on the bench. The majority means nothing right now. Wouldn't even allow a hearing, just tossed it aside like trash."

It was trash.

"How ungrateful the 3 Trump picks showed themselves to be."

They were obligated to destroy themselves to serve him, just like everyone else who ever had anything to do with Trump.  That's the way it is supposed to work, I guess.

"American communists have put China first for fifty years, have fed it the best pieces of the country -our industries - off their palm"

Actually, that would be American Capitalists who took all of our jobs to China.

"at that point I no longer follow laws. My neighbour and I will be taking politicians hostage. They were elected fraudulently and I want my money back"

Let's see how that works out for you.

"That means we have a badly designed judicial system. We need to redesign this intelligently. SCOTUS has sucked since its inception. It has never upheld the constitution and betrayed it almost immediately amid some political hijinks. We need to demand SCOTUS justices all resign IMMEDIATELY."

Great.  That means that Joe Biden gets to appoint nine new ones.  This is the best idea I have heard from a right winger in decades.


*Remember this?

"US officer to resign for assaulting Iraqi...BAGHDAD -- An American officer has been stripped of his command after pleading guilty to assaulting an Iraqi detainee during interrogation, the military announced yesterday.

A disciplinary proceeding found that the actions by Lieutenant Colonel Allen West were serious enough to "merit a court-martial."


Poll P. said…
Wow. The court martial thing was cool.
Mostly.A.Cynic said…
Wow! Thank you for wading through the swamp and sharing the lunacy of the American right. Not sure how you do it, it would take me a big bottle of Tequila and a bottle of Rolaids to step in the Trumpland swampland in the way you do. And I enjoy your quips in response the hysterics that the talking heads on the right spew out.
Green Eagle said…
Thanks. It's like arsenic. Take a little at a time, and you become immune.
MJ said…
"at that point I no longer follow laws. My neighbour and I will be taking politicians hostage. They were elected fraudulently and I want my money back"
What was this guy spending money on that he wants back?

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