I reported in my last post about the greatest crime in history, Obamagate.  But now, perhaps an even more sinister plot has been discovered-


So of course it is the responsibility of Green Eagle to bring you details of this latest abomination.  This comes from a long article at Before it's News, which contains so much ludicrous misinformation that I could not possibly cover it in a single post, so I am taking the unusual step of linking to this piece of rubbish, in case any of you want to view it in its full glory.  It's quite a read; I will try to cover the major points here.

May I just say first how absolutely appalling it is that the right wing in this country is able to manufacture the most disgusting and detailed lies about anyone who threatens their psychotic world view, even as innocent and well-meaning a figure as Dr. Fauci, and then almost instantly spread these hateful smears around the entire country.  We can only imagine with dismay what Joe Biden is going to face between now and November.   Anyway, on we go.  And no, I did not make any of this up.  It's all real.

"The Most Corrupt Career NIH Criminal Ever to Head the NIAID 

Just wondering, how many corrupt career criminals have headed the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases?  Seems to me that if they were so power hungry, they would have gone into crooked real estate deals and then worked with a foreign dictator to become President, or something like that.  But no, apparently, allergy and infectious diseases was a big enough criminal world for the evil mastermind, Dr. Fauci.

FauciGateIt doesn’t get any bigger that FAUCIgate.  How so? 

Just look at what this capo di tutti i capi of the Medical Mafia — Dr. Anthony Fauci — has gotten away with since the beginning of this manufactured coronavirus pandemic and meticulously staged panic.

An accurate accounting of the countless deaths, widespread disease and community destruction, damage to the national and state economies, societal collapse and citywide devastation, bankrupted businesses and ruined families, etc. is simply too long to list here.  Nevertheless, when the damage is finally assessed, few individuals on the national stage will be found as culpable as Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci.

Only the Godfather of the Medical Mafia could have gotten away with such a catastrophic crime spree against the American people—IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!"

And believe me, they are talking about the real Mafia, not just a figure of speech.  Fauci has an Italian name, so of course he is a vicious Mafia leader.  But that's just the beginning:

"Not only is Fauci a super-loyal Democrat operative, he’s an extremely dangerous Cultural Marxist and communist Manchurian Candidate."

Not just a made man, but a Communist too, and a cultural Marxist- something that doesn't even exist.  That's how evil he is.

"He had to be brainwashed that way; after all, it’s all about enacting Medical Martial Law, collapsing of the American Republic and ceding national sovereignty to the United Nations via the WHO.

Medical martial law.  There's a new one.
Really, how did Fauci’s grandparents coming from Sciacca, Sicily and Naples, Italy — two of the poorest areas on the Italian peninsula — ever accumulate the substantial funds necessary to send Anthony’s father to Columbia University.

More significantly, how did Fauci’s parents ever acquire the considerable capital to set up a pharmacy in that day and time?

We’ll tell you how.  The Mafia"

And how did his parents get that money to start a pharmacy?  I mean really, if the Mafia was really behind them, why didn't they start a hedge fund or a venture capital company, where they could get really rich, or maybe run gambling casinos like Donald Trump?  No, this Fauci family is a strange combination of malevolent power and modest goals.  A pharmacy.  Sending their kid to medical school. That really is a sign that they were a part of a Mafia plot to destroy the country.

"Factoid & Commentary: The Italian name “Fauci” translates to “Jaws” inEnglish.  Remember how scary the movie Jaws was; and how much it keptpeople off the beach?  Fauci’s COVID-19 op is yet another case where “truthis stranger than fiction”.

Jaws!  Decades before the movie came out, but somehow related.  But now, let's be clear about the real powers behind the whole thing:

"Really, who are the perps at the peak of the pinnacle of the pyramid of worldly power that have pulled this thing off since January? 

That’s easy: it’s the very same warmongering tribe that has run the world ragged for millennia. 

And don't you know what's coming?

This fearmongering tribe is also the same one responsible for all of these fastidiously engineered cataclysms, by the way: 

The Armenian Genocide, 
World War I, 
Bolshevik Revolution, 
Spanish Flu Genocide, 
The Great Depression, 
World War II, 
The Holocaust, 
9/11 Terrorist Attacks, 
The War on Terror, 
and COVID-19 Pandemic

the Khazarian Mafia — whose reign of terror has no end."

The "Khazarian Mafia," the "fearmongering tribe,"  a.k.a. the Jews!  Bet you didn't see that coming.  The Mafia is just a tool of the Jews, who have done every evil thing in the last century, with apparently no significant gain to themselves at all. Well, who knows, maybe it made them enough money to open a few pharmacies.

Well, there you go; a perfect example of the efforts the right will go to in order to destroy even the most minor participants in today's events, if they threaten the psychotic world view which has been created to keep their supporters in line.  Spectacles like this are laughable, until you remember that half of the American voting populace has fallen for them, and consequently these benighted people have come to support a true cabal, which is openly wreaking exactly the kind of murderous plot against us all that their followers hallucinate onto their opponents.


Poll P. said…
We can only hope - god forgive me - they get sick and die.
Eck! said…
Goebbels was right...
The premise of propaganda is to change minds. Truth is only an annoyance.
So the start is the big lie.
Focus on what its so.
Hammer on that,
and blame others as a result.

Its all a dog damned lie.
Corona-virus-19 didn't exist under any other President
it got a toe hold and took off due to inaction by the
current president. Remember its only a few cases and
it will go away and its all a democratic hoax. He lied
then and has to keep it going.

Richard said…
Well, what the hell. Just when i thought it couldn't be worse.
Green Eagle said…
Richard, I don't know how many times I have told myself that. Well, as Buddy Guy would say, I finally learned a lesson that I should have learned a long time ago: Republicans can always make it worse.

Anyway, if you don't get the reference, give it a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_4UmAY852I

It doesn't get any better than that.
Anonymous said…
I was feeling really good that for a change it wasn't all about the Jews. Then the 'Khazarian' nonsense showed up. Nice to know things are back to normal, eh?
Daniel Becker said…
Well, this explains the message I received from a relative Saturday. I got the freedom line, but that Fauci is evil?

"No more rights as Americans anylonger Dr.Fauci is evil."

Thank you for clearing it up.
Anonymous said…
Very well written, I'm impressed. But not as well written as these books

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Denying The Holocaust- The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory - Deborah Lipstadt

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