Monday, August 6, 2018

Q Anon and the Collapse of the Trump World

I've been following the idiotic Q Anon cult almost since it first emerged a few months ago to tie every malicious right wing lie into one unified field theory of lunacy.    All along, I have thought that I should write a post about it, but I just didn't have the patience to deal with its obvious drivel.  There is, however, something I think should be said.

There is, at the center of the Q Anon weltanschauung,  a notion so preposterous that sane people can hardly believe anyone would fall for it, and yet over the last months it has emerged as a more and more important axiom of the whole pack of nonsense.  This is that the entire Mueller "investigation" of Trump is actually (believe it or not) a cover to hide the fact that Trump and Mueller are working together to bring down an evil cabal headed by Hillary Clinton and George Soros.  According to this claim, Mueller has already filed over 28,000 "sealed indictments" of Hillary, Obama and a vast array of other targets of the right's wrath.

"The central claim of the #QAnon conspiracy theory is that President Donald Trump’s Justice Department has filed thousands of sealed indictments against Democratic leaders, Hollywood celebrities, and wealthy elites.

All are guilty of a variety of misdeeds, horrific sex crimes, affiliation with the “deep state,” and/or intent to harm the president and his administration.

And when the time is right, Trump will order the indictments unsealed, prompting a massive wave of arrests, with the accused tried in the field and sent to Guantanamo Bay for indefinite detention."*

Now, here is what interests me in all of this:  As more and more information has continually been revealed about Trump's treasonous and corrupt behavior, it has become harder and harder for anyone to maintain a public belief in his innocence.  Unfortunately, another factor is at work here: the more that is revealed about the spectacularly criminal behavior of Trump and the rest of his party, the more his followers are revealed to have been ignorant dupes and suckers, something they will never be able to admit to themselves.  To reconcile all of this requires the construction of ever more elaborate and deranged interpretations of reality; this has finally culminated in the Trump-Mueller theory, certainly one of the most hare-brained interpretations of the facts since the notion that the earth is hollow and we all live inside. 
See, some people will believe anything.

Any sane person can clearly see the lunacy of this claim, but at this point that kind of stretching of reality is all the Republicans have to account for the known facts.  So, the question is obvious:  What happens when Mueller starts to really show his cards, and this fantasy collapses?  Certainly, it will not presage a mass acceptance by right wingers of how deluded they were.  The real question is if, by the time this happens, presumably in a few more months, Trump and Republican leaders will have managed to stir the right up into such a rage that there will be widespread violent attempts to start a new civil war, or if, as is more probable, given their past behavior, they just ignore their massive humiliation and march on, ignorant, stupid and filled with hatred as always, ready and willing to serve the Republican master plan to destroy our country.

*This interesting article, written by Mike Rothschild at Daily Dot, explains the gross distortion of the claim about the 28,000 "sealed indictments," if you are interested.  


Magpie said...

Good summary.

They don't know who Q is by name, he/they has offered no evidence, it goes against every statement Trump himself makes regarding Mueller... but they believe this crap, based mostly on the allure of 'secret information'... the hunger for some revelatory moment of "Ahhh, that's what's happening!".

Who are these dickheads who are so bored they WANT for the world to be upside down and inside out? The lack of personality this demonstrates... like they lost their soul in isle 14 of the local Walmart, and they emerged into the overcast carpark, depressed but also excited that the world is, at last, going to blow up. God I despise these people.

Green Eagle said...

It's the only explanation they can think of at this point that accounts for the known information and that makes Trump the good guy. I just don't know where they turn when this proves to be the utter nonsense it obviously is. Do they lash out in violence, do they just go away (fat chance, huh?) or do they just do what Conservatives always do- simply ignore how humiliatingly wrong they were, and move on to the next belligerent idiocy? Hang on, because I can't see this going on very long before it collapses of its own absurd weight.