Your Vote Counts

The people over at Sadly No! are devoting themselves to a really good cause, and I think we should help them out.

Every year, some pathetic idiot who calls himself the "Gay Patriot" sponsors a contest to name someone the "Grande Conservative Blogress Diva."  And no, I didn't make that name up.  Anyway, the Sadly No! people are urging us all to go over there and vote for Robin of Berkeley, one of the most deranged wingnut writers on the web today, and one of the candidates for this prestigious award.  Faithful readers (ha) of Wingnut Wrapup will be familiar with Robin of Berkeley, as she has frequently been the subject of Green Eagle's ridicule.

Currently, Robin is in the lead.  Please take a few seconds to go over there and make sure that she stays ahead.  She is such a fitting spokesperson for the wingnut right.


Anonymous said…
Oh I voted for her and would do it again and again. I just read parts of her blog and its funny as hell. She is the real deal: a bona fide wing nut. I especially enjoyed reading her last entry about how much she enjoyed going to church on Christmas to see a nativity scene with a real baby and the preacher nearly whispering and how, because of this, she can for the first time in her entire life say "Merry Christmas" to people and really mean it.
Poll P. said…
This is hilarious! She's way out in front now! Your campaign is working.Love the intereactive feature, G.E.
Green Eagle said…
Well, the credit goes to the people at Sadly No, probably the number one blog dedicated to ridiculing wingnuts.

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