Boy, You Got That Right

Jed Lewison, at Daily Kos:

"After the House passes the Obama tax plan -- something we were told the House would never do, even though it ended up passing by 46 votes -- the first thing we hear from the administration is sorry, but Republicans won't let us do the right thing -- so we're going to sit down with them and figure out the best way to do the wrong thing."

Obama's standard operating procedure.  God, how did we get saddled with this pathetic person?

By the way, just in case you wondered, here is the House vote on the middle class tax cut:

For the tax cut:  214 Democrats, 3 Republicans

Against the tax cut:  20 Democrats, 185 Republicans.

If this isn't the first thing out of every Democrat's mouth every time they get near a microphone for the next six weeks, they're crazy.

Update: Thanks to Daily Kos, this tabulations:
9 of the 20 Dems who voted against the tax cut, or 45%, were among the Democratic congressmen who lost their seats last month.  Maybe some of their fellows should think about what that means.


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