Forget It- I'll Spend the Money on Drugs or Something Else Useful

Not that anyone cares, but I got the following sickening e-mail from the Democratic National Committee today:

"The President's opponents in Congress are gearing up for a fight.

Their plan? Obstruct progress and delay action on our agenda during these last few weeks of this session of Congress.

Which battles go our way is unknown -- what's certain is that failure to act will hurt the economy, the middle class, the unemployed, the military, and our national security."

Which battles go your way?  I can tell you which battles are going to go your way, if Obama continues his utter collapse of will, and doesn't awaken from the dream world he is inhabiting- none of them, and you know it damned well.

"Because among other critical items, our agenda includes extending tax cuts for the middle class, repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," making sure those who are out of work get the relief they need, passing the DREAM Act, and ratifying the New START Treaty -- a nuclear arms agreement critical to national security."

Here is the Obama agenda as far as I can see it:  Collapsing on middle class tax cuts, wasting immense time and political capital on DADT without getting any kind of positive result, getting nothing for the unemployed unless it is accompanied by more huge unfunded giveaways to the rich, wasting time on the DREAM act, which is about number 56,331 on the list of most Americans' concerns, and failing to even exert enough leadership to get Republican support for an extension of a treaty originally negotiated by Ronald Reagan.

"We want results

Before Congress adjourns at the end of the year, we'll have a chance to pass some of the President's top priorities."

Listen, right now it looks like Obama's only priority is collapsing in the face of any Republican opposition, and acquiescing to whatever will do the most damage to the country.  I don't need to pay for that- I'm already getting it for free.


Dave Dubya said…
Yes it's all free...for now. We'll all pay later anyway.
Green Eagle said…
Well, all of us except the rich people.

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