Wingnut Wrapup

 Time to clean out the dumpster.  Let's just start with this:

"THE LATEST ” MASSIVE ” WHITEHAT WORLD-WIDE MILITARY ALLIANCE UPDATE!! 9/20/2022. This is a super-update on, D.O.D: LAW OF WAR MANUAL PROTOCOL’S, who’s the S.A.C & S.O.G to the CIA. The KHAZARIAN MAFIA, JESUITS,& high ranking VATICAN officials all on lock down, and not aloud to leave the VATICAN grounds. BARRACK OBAMA under investigation for the IRAN nuclear deal, and lieing about OSAMA BIN LADIN’S death.Some of the biggest companies on this planet filing for bankruptcy and going out of business. Some really big “Q” endorsements from D. TRUMP. That and alot more in this “WHITEHAT MILITARY ALLIANCE” MEGA-UPDATE VIDEO!"

Sorry, I didn't watch the video, so we'll just move on.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "ANALYSIS: Nord Stream Pipelines Sabotaged, and Only One Country Benefits"

Russia, right, to punish Europe for standing up to them?  Nope.  Jim has a different idea:

"First, the US became the number one exporter of liquified natural gas to Europe once Russia cut off the flow. German dependence on US LNG is a carrot to keep German in the sanction alliance. With winter approaching and German unrest on the rise, the State Department would have been concerned the Germans would go wobbly, reduce sanctions, cut off arms to Ukraine, and beg Putin for energy. The loss of the Nord Stream pipelines eliminates that path to renewed gas imports to Germany.

Second, the Biden family has long been tangled up in natural gas and Ukraine. Hunter Biden was on the board of Ukraine’s largest natural gas company—a position that provided Ukrainian oligarchs with access to Joe Biden. Hunter, who has no experience in energy, made millions from the deal, and Ukraine got a bought-and-paid-for President of the United States.

Third, the Democrat Biden needs to stanch the popularity bleeding that threatens to kill Democrat control of Congress come November.

So, only the United States has a compelling reason to destroy Europe’s energy lifeline from Russia. Only the United States has both the means and the motive."

Yes, the pipeline explosion was the work of the crooked Biden administration.  When does this spreading of Russian propaganda to benefit the fascist Republicans and their friend Putin reach the point where it needs to be forcibly stopped, and the propagators of this malignant nonsense be sent to prison for Constitutionally defined treason?  Remember that millions of Republicans every day swallow whole this sort of thing from Gateway Pundit and similar right wing sources.  And here are some of the comments on this miserable lie, which is now being openly pushed by Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones and a host of other right wing propagandists, and is on the verge of being inscribed as official Republican doctrine:

"The OBiden regime has turned the U.S. into a rogue state."

Not Trump, Obama and Biden did it.

"Except this time the entire world will be at war to stop America's insane terrorist dictator, Obama.  Obama and his WEF Bolshevik psychopath masters will destroy America and the world before they allow the world to break free of their global stranglehold."

And here I thought Obama's term ended about six years ago.

"Obama couldn't even get a job as a community organizer the first two years out of college.  He came out of nowhere to be propelled to stardom by the Communist media. Hmm.. I wonder who runs that 🤔  His top donor was Penny Pritzker. In total she dropped $800 million onto his presidential campaigns. That means she bought the White House for him.  Look her up. Pritzker belongs to the same ethnic group which funded and led Bolshevism."

That would be, of course, the Jews.

"Makes you wonder where the gold in Fort Knox is, because after the Federal Reserve Jevv Act No one can see it. Not even Congress or POTUS is allowed to see it based on that Act."

This is followed by literally dozens of comments discussing how the Jews, or "Jevvs," as they now seem to be called, have stolen all the gold in Fort Knox, before getting to things like this:

"I was reading the post to see if anyone else noticed the player missing from the list posted in the story.  That limits the suspects to Germany, Great Britain, France, the United States, Russia, and China.  Why would israel be excluded from that list."

Uh, for the same reason that all those other countries should be excluded from the list- because the whole thing is a lunatic conspiracy theory?  Finally, the whole thing descends to its inevitable end point:

"Have you read the 1920 book 'The Protocols' by Serge Nilus?"

That would, of course, be "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," the most notorious anti-Semitic smear in world history, but still, a century later, a standby of the right wing.

And here is an interesting "fact:"

"I know (Jews)are the majority population in Ukraine. Thus why Putin invaded, they were abusing the Russian population, just as they have done around the world throughout history."

Right.  The Jewish majority in Ukraine.  Anyway, enough of the Jews.  Back to the blacks:

"(Obama's) real father and his actual mother were both CIA....."

False, of course, and needless to say, no comment on George W. Bush, whose father was actually the head of the CIA, and later became President himself.  Nothing to see there.  But why not bring it all together:

"Random fact of the day: it may well be that Obama's ''white'' mother was actually ]ewlsh."

This is proven by the fact that she had curly hair.  In related news, Donald Trump's current wife is a horse because she has straight hair, like horses' tails.

"The Democrats have held our own American citizens in gulags, beaten them, and denied them their Constitutional Rights. Blowing up a foreign pipeline is how Democrats operate."

I'd like to see a couple of examples of those gulags.  Funny none are given.

"The Ukrainians do not have capabilities, and apparently nor do they have knowledge, to wage basic tactical operations on the ground yet along under the sea. These sabotages have the signature of the one and only one culprit."

Beating the crap out of the second biggest military power on earth demonstrates no military ability whatsoever.  Of course these MAGA jackasses probably believe Russia is winning the war in Ukraine.

Anyway, the comments go on and on.  That is as much as I can take, so let's move on.  

"Night Vision Highly Advanced Military Grade Spots Massive Invasion Force Preparing to Cross the Border"

Massive invasion force.  From Mexico.  Funny, that hasn't made the news.

"Steve Quayle: Russia to Nuke the USA"

Maybe.  Won't be much left of Russia if they try it.

"Turkey Shortage This Fall? USDA Kills 800,000 Turkeys Recently!"

Oh God, no, not that again!

New ShariRaye:  "First Arrests Coming Soon! Checkmate on a 5D Chess Game"

The "first arrests" have been "coming" since 2016.  Not a single right winger seems to notice that this has been promised over and over again, without it ever happening.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Harvard Attorney and TikTok Influencer Says He was Offered $400 to Make Anti-Trump Propaganda Related to Jan 6 "

$400.00!  FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!!  He's rich!!  While sociopathic rich Republicans spend billions to spread every malicious lie about Democrats they can think of.  Once again, lies are great if they are Republican lies; the truth from Democrats is an evil plot against our country.

N. Morgan, Before it's News:  "CERN: They Now Admit They Are Communicating With “Entities” From the Other Side"

Entities.  Give me a break.

Christian Patriot News:  "John Durham is coming and he's got his sites set on the Clinton foundation.  We're in the final stage"

I think that should be "sights."  Anyway, we all know the 3 year, $40 million dollar Durham "investigation" turned up absolutely nothing against the Democrats, but as usual, when the truth lets wingnuts down, a lie will do just as well.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Clown Show: Biden’s Car Gets Stuck in London Traffic on Way to King’s Banquet – Brits Laugh"

I didn't see any Brits laughing, but it's interesting that in the light of an endless round of evidence that Trump is a traitor and a common criminal, the worst that Republicans can come up with against Biden is that his car got stuck in traffic.  They should have let the Corvette driving Biden take the wheel- he'd have gotten them there an hour early.  Unlike Trump, who can't even drive a golf cart without running it up on the green.

"Forensics Expert from AZ Audit: Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania Had at Least 10,000 Anomalous Ballots"

Remember the Arizona Audit? They found nothing. Well, now the same jerks are lying about Pennsylvania.  It never stops.  At least until stupid Trump voters stop sending them money.

"Elvis Presley Lives...This Elvis video will explain why he had to fake his death and leave his family, friends, and fans behind. You will also learn how his twin brother Jessie Presley is also alive. Thought to of died at both he was adopted by his mother’s sister."

Oh well...

"Tic-Toc Brandon! Time Is Running Out For You! Biden Admin Wants To Indict!  Trump Is Daring Them!The illegal Biden administration controled by the deep state is running out of time. We are down to our last few days/weeks before we see things really start to ramp up. Deep state is a cornered animal. We know they will flee or attack, there are no surprises. We are ready."

It's been "the last few weeks" for the last few years.

"Queen Elizabeth Had A Reptilian Funeral?? Must See Proof!!"

Yeah, must see proof.  Unfortunately, there is none.  What is a "reptilian funeral," anyway?  Inquiring minds want to know.

"Michael Jaco Major Update: Military Roundup Of Vaccinated And Putting Them Into Camps Plausible Scenario"

As plausible as Mork and Mindy turning out to have been a documentary.

"Is Donald Trump President Or Not? Watch Panel Discussion Debate"

Watch several lunatics discuss this.  Hint: the correct answer is no, he is not President.

Benjamin Fulford:  "The Khazarian Mafia and their slave countries are secretly trying to negotiate peace with the planetary liberation alliance but their offers are being spurned"


<iframe width="800" height="547" src="" title="Jews in Space (Mel Brooks)" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

"Russia is demanding the abolition of the Federal Reserve Board... “Peace will start from ending the Federal Reserve Board and the current financial system"

Because the US government always does what Russia wants.  Oh wait, it did that during Trump's Presidency.  No more.

"Meanwhile, the undeclared civil war in the West has taken an ominous turn as MI6 discovers Queen Elizabeth was murdered with a directed energy weapon by the Khazarian Mafia. That is why the British military and intelligence apparatus have decided to ally themselves with Russia and China against the KM.  The US military is in no position to resist because it is so short of funds"

Too many lies!  Mind Freezing up!!

"Senior members of the Japanese underworld met a WDS representative last week and said an alliance had been reached between all major Japanese ninkyo (the proper way to refer to the widely used derogatory word yakuza) organizations had formed an alliance. This means groups that have sub-contracted to the KM to supply under-age children, murder politicians, etc. will now have to choose between surrender or death"

Or just getting a good laugh out of that, and moving on.  The Yakuza, really.  Watched too many movies made for pre-teen boys, have we?

"New McAllistertv: Are White Hats Exposing Shapeshifting Reptilian Demons at Events?"

No.  Well, maybe a few of them showed up at Burning Man, but otherwise, no sign of them.


And now the latest coup news:

"New McAllistertv: Ottawa Invasion! Canadian Military Take Over Parliament? US Federal Marshalls on Scene!  OTTAWA PARLIAMENT BUILDING REPORTEDLY UNDER SEIGE! CANADIAN MILITARY AND US FEDERAL MARSHALLS SPOTTED!"

Credible info from the person that just reported above about shapeshifting reptiles.

"Breaking: Inside Expert Drops Bombshells About China Coup! Very Bad! Prepare Now!"

"Is Xi Arrested? So Much Happening! Quarantine Or House Arrest? Info From China Sketchy!"

"Sketchy," i.e. nonexistent.  That didn't stop them, though.

"Trump - It's Coming Military 2022".!.  Perhaps the wars being spoken of was a war between the governments and the world’s citizens?"

Perhaps.  And perhaps Napoleon is still alive, disguised as Elvis, and waiting to take back control of the world.

"Steve Quayle Warns The First Cities To Be Targeted For Nuclear Annihilation Will Be In The United States! - Mike Adams Must Video"

"Germany declares martial law, Poland about to declare martial law..."

These people are so hungry for military coups, while at the same time they scream about freedom and the constitution.  An interesting spectacle.

"Breaking!! Fox News Announces Whitehat Military Sting Operation Arrest Of Biden Crime Family And Stolen Election Co-Conspirators, Military Tribunals!!"

Arrested, again! 

Situation Update: "UN Storm Troopers Takeover London!"


Just Informed News:  "FED Whistleblowers Say COMMUNISTS Have Seized Control Of FBI & DOJ!"

And that is plenty for today.  These people vote, although it is a miracle that they can even tie their own shoes- please remember that.


Mostly.A.Cynic said…
Yes they do vote....But now I'm really frustrated, now there's American Gulags? Hell I'm still searching for Obama's FEMA camps

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