Divine Retribution

 We've grown accustomed to right wing Christian idiots blaming every natural disaster on God's wrath for gay rights, or helping poor people, or some other liberal obsession.  I wonder if this:

just might be God's response to Governor DeSantis squandering millions of dollars of Floridians' tax payments to kidnap 50 or so refugees and illegally fly them to another State?    I suspect that, in coming weeks, DeSantis could have found a better use for that money, but no problem- he will count on Joe Biden's decency to get the money he needs from the Federal government, without hesitating for one second his attacks on "tax and spend Democrats."  Because it's always okay when Republican States get the money.


Jean Valjean said…
Good thing they got those docs out of Mar a Gogo before the flooding! Bedminster is a much safer place to keep them in!
Grung_e_Gene said…
There is NO better use for public money than for Republicans to transfer it to private companies; especially companies like Vertol systems Inc (who flew the kidnapped asylum seekers to Martha's Vineyard) who donated nearly a million dollars to Ron DeSlavery.
ez said…
Will the Wing Nuts think it through and discover that Desantis spent that money to keep immigrates safe rather than protecting native Floridians? Shock Horror etc

Green Eagle said…
Well, ez, don't forget that those immigrants were from Texas, not Florida, so they would have been safe anyway.
Al Tecacca said…

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