Wingnut Wrapup

 It's been a while since I have done one of these, because the lunatic ravings of the right have become so repetitive that, for the most part, you've heard it all a hundred times before.  However, I think it's time to take a peak at what they are up to.

I want to start with a new explanation that wingnuts are offering for the incredible weather disturbances we see regularly now, and that all sane people know are a product of global warming.  Of course, these jackasses, who are willing to literally kill themselves rather than admit the truth about Covid, have a thousand other explanations.  This is one I expect to see quite a bit in the future.

Does anyone remember HAARP?  HAARP, or the The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was a research project whose goal was to develop enhanced radio communication.  But to the right, it formed the basis of one of their most enduring bits of lying propaganda.  It was claimed (without a shred of evidence, of course, because it was false) that HAARP existed to develop methods of manipulating the weather for use by the military.  This idiocy was closely allied with the related chemtrails nonsense, which continues to be believed by many right wingers.  Anyway, if you want to know more about HAARP, you can look here.  Conservatives continue to blame all sorts of things on this program, which was shut down years ago.

Well, this is the current version of this conspiracy theory:  There is actually no such thing as man made global warming.  All of the colossal weather events we have seen in the last few years are the results of the deep state and the Chinese Communists warring against each other using these (nonexistent) weather weapons.  You can count on about 80% of Republicans to buy into this garbage, as an alternative to what is the most unacceptable thing in the world to them; admitting the truth.  But explanations like this will help bring the world a few months closer to annihilation, which seems to be their main goal, as long as there is profit in it. 

Anyway, on we go.  Here is a piece of news that will undoubtedly bode well for the state of American Scholarship:

"Regent University and the Board of Trustees named U.S. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann as Robertson School of Government dean."

And now, as a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan, I can't help but cover their name change to the Guardians:

"In a statement about the change, Trump said: “Can anybody believe that the Cleveland Indians, a storied and cherished baseball franchise since taking the name in 1915, are changing their name to the Guardians? Such a disgrace,” Trump said in a statement released a few hours after the video.  And I guarantee that the people most angry about it are the many Indians of our Country,” Trump added."

What a moron.  Anyway, here is Green Eagle's suggestion for the team's new logo.  Forgive the crude Photoshop job- I did this at work and didn't have a chance to do any better.

Okay, okay, it was a cheap joke.

And on we go to the latest crime news:

"On Thursday, July 1, a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay convicted Chair of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff on charges of treason and espionage after hearing evidence that linked the weaselly worm to a Chinese-sponsored plot aimed at impeaching the most patriotic president to have ever sat in the Oval Office."

"Schiff’s wife Eve appeared on a video screen to testify against her husband. She told the tribunal that Schiff had accepted $20,000,000 in gifts and incentives to wage war against Donald Trump. She was able to produce receipts and ledgers, as well as personal correspondence between Schiff and Hunter Biden, proving Schiff’s payouts were meant as compensation for trying to dethrone Trump.  Eve Schiff said. “I was tired of the abuse. I’m glad this is finally over. I was tired of the lies, the manipulation, the evil that pervaded our home. Adam was never happy with a government salary. He was telling me how he hoped to get rid of Trump and get rich at the same time.”

“You’re getting what you deserve, Adam,” she addressed her husband personally, and the screen winked off."

There's wifely support for you.  And that's not all:

"James Comey Loses his Head to Guillotine...In the moments leading up to his demise, Comey started kicking and screaming as the MPs dragged him to the guillotine. He reportedly blurted, “Oh, God, please don’t kill me. I didn’t do anything wrong. I only ever followed orders. I have children. I don’t want to die. This isn’t justice.”

There is real mental illness behind the perpetration of these fantasies, which we need to deal with.  Unfortunately, our leaders don't even seem to be ready to deal with open treason on the part of the former President, so don't hold your breath.

"Delta Force Raids Biden Compound in Ukraine"

Which certainly exists, or did before being raided by the Delta force.  Now it's probably the site of a new Trump hotel.

"Biden Body Double Meets Vlad Putin...A Mar-a-Lago source speaking under promise of anonymity told Real Raw News that the real Joseph R. Biden could not have attended the meeting—or the summit—because he has been hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center since June 1, when he purportedly had a massive stroke that left him(even more) feeble and paralyzed below the waist."

Because, of course that happened.  Otherwise, how could they explain his correcting the tragic mess left once again by Republicans, or his not being a drooling, senile fool?

And oh, God, it's time for a little Conservative humor:

Boy, I bet you got a laugh out of that one.

"Breaking - 45,000+ Dead From Experimental Covid Shot in Just 72 Hours! Major Lawsuit Filed! - Must Video"

Or maybe more:

"150,000 Vaccine Deaths Hidden From Public"

No proof of course, or evidence of any sort. These people deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison for mass murder for spreading lies like this.

"FDA Cover-Up Exposed!! They Knew About Deadly Vax Side Effects! Agenda - All The Children Must Be Killed - World's Top Virologist Says All Vaccinated Will Soon Die. CDC Admits At Least 96% Of Deaths From Covid19 Were Wrong! Must See Videos!"

This, from "Dr. Bryan Ardis," a chiropractor and acupuncturist whose website is dedicated to selling junk skin care products.  The website also features a large ad for pillows from Mike Lindell.

"Italian Actress Warns 18 Months After Taking "Vaccine" People Will Start Dropping Like Flies"

Because there is no greater expert on vaccines than an Italian actress.

"UPDATE & Correction:  What was thought to be a doctor is actually Eleonora Brigliadori, an Italian model, actress and television personality...In a very forthright, passionate warning, an Italian actress spoke out against the deadly COVID experimental injections. She warned that the human DNA would be destroyed and that within 18 months of people taking the shot, they will begin dropping dead like flies."

See, we found out she was an actress, not a doctor, but because she is saying things we want you to believe, we are going to still claim they are true.

"She went on to warn: “You are being colonized by a satanic entity that turns you into commodity because you will correspond to a code, to something that is registered. A copyright! They are putting a copyright on your genes!”



Well, you knew that one was coming, didn't you?  And now, a little theological speculation:

"Female Body Was Lucifer's Scorpion Creation to Pierce God's Angels... The male and female host body system was nothing more than an elaborate costume used by Lucifer as bait to trap God’s angels into a host body system where they can be destroyed."

and from the same article, here is something you never knew about the Kinks:

"The song Lola is really about the female host body bait that is being run by Lucifer (Satan, aka Baphomet) who’s female energy is taking over and destroying the male energy in the system."

Didn't I see about this in a Peter Sellers movie?  And now some more definitely true news about the enemies of the people:

"Fauci Melts Down In Congress As Covid-19 House of Cards Collapse!"

It took three janitors to mop up the mess.

"Shocker As Rumsfeld Commits Suicide at Tribunal"

It took three...oh, wait, I already said that.  So, let's visit the world of Conservative humor one more time, huh?

Because, see, it is definitely Joe and not the orange traitor that sold access to the White House.


"Almost everything today on TV and at the movies is terrible, just like everything our institutions produce. Moreover, most of the people in Hollywood hate us, again just like institutions. Are you sensing a theme? They are awful and they despise us, so we need to respond in kind. Let’s destroy Hollywood. In fact, let’s destroy all the institutions."

Sure, why not?  Let's destroy everything.  Except saintly people like Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.

"Australian Police Prepare to Take Government Down"

Doesn't seem to be happening.

"The Hidden Dark World Of The Joe Biden Clone Assembly Process Revealed By Channeler Who Sees It All!!"

Apparently, Biden has been a clone since the 1970's, which if you know anything about 1970's AI technology, was quite a feat.  This comes from a psychic, so it must be true.

O.N.E. News:  "Clone Joe Or Original Joe? Photo Evidence They Did The Ol’ Presidential Clone Switcheroo!  Joe Biden Clone Thinks It Won Something… And Now It May Lose Everything Including It’s Clone Life!"

The ol' Presidential clone switcheroo!  Oh yeah, that.  Happens all the time.  Proof of this can be found in the fact that Biden "switched" wives.  The story that his first wife was killed in a traffic accident is nothing but a lie.

"Vaccinated Should Not Hold Cellphone Anywhere Near Brain Or Even, Body!! Watch "The Thing" Come To Life!! Graphene Oxide Is Key Ingredient In Mystery Needle!!  This could likely be a factor in heart damage… because the HEART IS THE MAGNETIC CENTRE OF OUR BODIES!"

A video showing a black blob moving next to a cell phone.  That should convince everyone.

"Matrix Collapsing... flushing those computer chips, chemtrails, morgellons, and graphene oxide down the toilet...The matrix is now collapsing upon itself…. too many lies, can no longer be sustained. The people will likely experience many emotions like anger, fear, rage, and despair. They will soon face the realization, that the mystery needles were not what they said they were, at all, and have now distributed magnetic poisons to every cell of the body, and other untested horrid concoctions. This chemistry is designed to turn humans into non-human hybrids, that can be remote controlled via the internet of THINGS."

Maybe.  Maybe not.  Funny how many people can't distinguish between a movie and reality.

"It’s Here – Are You Ready?"


Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Jay Sekulow is Asking All Arizona and Pennsylvania Voters Who Were Given Sharpies When Voting to Contact His Law Firm"

That will prove a lot.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Greg Kelly Goes There – Is First Major News Host to Show Hunter Biden Smoking Crack"

Which proves what, exactly, assuming the video is real?  And let's remember that all this Hunter Biden crack stuff is the result of the well known fact that Donald Trump's sons are massive drug users.  Just more Republican projection.

Larry Johnson, Gateway Pundit:  "Biden Goes Full Schizophrenic on Ever-Changing COVID Rules and Lies"

Full Schizophrenic.  Whatever.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "on Maricopa Officials: Charges Should be Levied, People Should Be Prosecuted"

For what?  Telling the truth?

Brad Slager, Town Hall:  "Network That Hurls Scorn at Fox Over Covering Capitol Riot Commission Skipped on the Benghazi Commission"

Because the Capitol riot commission is investigating real treason, while the Benghazi hearings were lying Republican propaganda?

C. S. Boddie, American Thinker:  "The commission emphasized how “our democracy” is in danger from people who think like those who breached the Capitol.  It’s not hard to imagine that this is justification for government to crush Americans who disagree with it."

It's justification to crush Americans who disagree with the government about whether it is okay to assassinate the Vice President and the Speaker of the House.

Brian Parsons, American Thinker:  "It's Time to Return to Vigorous Medical Debate"

Between scientific experts and Russian financed bloggers.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Judicial Watch: New Documents Reveal CDC Coordinated with Facebook on COVID Messaging and Alleged “Misinformation”

What a monstrous scandal!  The CDC helped Facebook to understand which posts were based on science and which posts were Republican lies.  How can that be allowed?

"El Chapo's Mother Has COVID-19, Sources Confirm"

Boy, that breaks my heart.

And now, the sermon of the day:

Rev. Joda Collins:  "Women were created by God to serve, not in leadership, but in followship.   When women rise up to lead men that is demonic and a sign of a fallen or stumbling society.  Female leadership over men brings a curse on that society and is also a sign of God’s curse on that society.  Why do you think Satan through the Democrat Party is trying to get rid of gender identity!  Stray far enough from God, and the society will lean upon women to lead. There are always plenty of godless women who will jump at that chance to be the authority in the home, in business and in politics (government). That is part of the fallen nature of the female"

Okay, then.  We'll keep that in mind.


Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "WOW! Jill Biden’s Dress Looks EXACTLY Like Hunter Biden’s Crack Couch — AND IT WAS ON THE COVER OF VOGUE!"

"The image shows Jill Biden’s dress along with crackhead mega-millionaire grifter Hunter Biden on a crack couch with a similar pattern.  What makes this even better is that Milkmaid Jill Biden was on the cover of Vogue Magazine recently wrapped in her mother’s drapes."

Actually, as you can see, other than featuring flowers on a black background, the dress looks nothing like the couch fabric.  But why quibble over something as insignificant as facts- if this horrific discovery were true, it would certainly prove....what?  By the way, I searched online through hundreds of photos of Hunter Biden, and couldn't find anything resembling this one.  Hoft is careful to gang the photo with the one of Jill Biden, so a proper image search is impossible.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Rep. Matt Gaetz Implies that Our Own Government Was Behind Jan. 6 False Flag...Of course, Matt Gaetz is on to something.  Video released by Bobby Powell showed violent hoodlums in all black smashing windows, damaging the US Capitol"

Because we all know that it is illegal in this country to wear black unless you are a card carrying member of ANTIFA, and we know that the fine patriots that assembled for a tourist visit at the Capitol on January 6th would never break that law or any other one.

So there you go- pretty pathetic, huh?


St. Joan said…
Well, this part is actually true..."female energy is taking over and destroying the male energy in the system."
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Buttermilk Sky said…
You may want to think about vetting comments...

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