Republicans Flip on Vaccination

Well, we can all see that happening in the last few weeks.  The question is, why?  And the answer is so blindingly obvious that I can't believe how many people, from the mainstream press to people like Thom Hartmann, who usually knows better, are so oblivious to it.

I haven't been posting lately because what I have been saying for years is so obvious now that I don't see the need to add my little voice to the chorus, but this is an issue that really needs to be stated clearly.

There is one reason for this change in attitude:  Until a couple of months ago, both Republican leaders and their idiotic followers believed the propaganda that the pandemic was a problem of blue States.  If people were going to die, it would be the residents of urban areas- Democrats, black people, pointy headed intellectuals.  And they were thrilled to compound their cheating in every way possible with the far more efficient prospect of simply killing their opponents off wholesale.

But then, a couple of months ago, things changed.  The residents of Democratic areas followed the rules- got their vaccinations and followed social distancing guidelines- and it is now the Republicans who are killing themselves off.  

Can't have that.  And this is the entire explanation of the great Republican switch on vaccination.  Oh, not that they give a damn about the lives of their dupes- just wait a few years until they start sending millions of them off to die in a war for world domination.  But it can't happen until 2024, when they plan to take back all three branches of government in the last free election they will ever allow- almost exactly parallel to the German election of 1933.  Then, all bets are off, and all lives are meaningless except their own.


Isaac said…
There had to be a point where "owning the libs" was not a winning strategy. There had to be a point where somebody got sober and realized killing their voter base and media audiences isn't a sustainable business model.

It got to the point where it was pretty much possible to tell which political persuasion were being hospitalized and dying--right wingers weren't being vaccinated much and were primarily the ones doing the bulk of the dying.

Some of these right wing sapsuckers resist the vaccinations because Joe Biden wants people to get the vaccine, one of the dumbest things I ever heard. The even dumber thing is that while they insist the left give Trump the credit for the vaccine refuse to get it.

I only wish there was a way to get the vaccine to make those kinds of fools Darwin Award candidates. Another dumb thing was the right treating this whole thing as a political issue rather than a public health crisis.
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