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Infidel753, in his very kind listing of my last Wingnut Wrapup in the latest of his Sunday Blog Roundups (essential reading which you can find here) made a comment about how long they have been lately.  Believe me, Infidel, I agree.  I try to demonstrate just how much of this garbage there is online every single day, and the truth is, I could make these Wingnut Wrapups five times as long, but the comments get repetitive awfully fast.  And the paid writers of all this garbage are frantically working to shore up support for their traitorous party, so you can expect things to get worse and worse as we approach election day.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "DNI Ratcliffe Reminds The Intelligence Community: Leaking Classified Information Is a Crime"

How about treason, Katie?  Is that a crime too?  Is it a bigger crime than letting the American people know about that treason, Katie?  Is it really okay to "classify" material to keep the American people from knowing about that treason?  I'll wait for an answer.

And let's just remember that "DNI Ratcliffe" was a hard right wing Congressman from Texas with absolutely no intelligence experience, before Trump made him the Director of National Intelligence, and Mitch McConnell rammed his nomination through the Senate.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Former Fox News Reporter Rams Dagger into Heart of Taliban-Russia Story Used to Attack Trump...Yeah, this story lasted about five minutes...After two-plus years of peddling the Trump-Russia collusion myth, they decided to get another one going regarding the Taliban being paid by some super-secret Russian intelligence unit to kill Americans. It’s bounty gate: Afghanistan edition…except that it’s fake news trash...Trump rightfully slapped down this story as another shoddy hit job."

Just lie about it, as the story has now been corroborated by numerous sources, and has in fact gotten far worse with revelations that this monstrosity was known at the White House for over a year, and that it was indeed included in a Presidential daily brief.

Dennis Prager, Town Hall:  "The Present Moment Has Set Blacks Back a Half-Century"

Leave it to Dennis Prager to come up with the most piggish lie about the Black Lives Matter movement.  Dennis explains:

"Anger and victimhood not only ruin the individual's life but also destroy one's relationships with others. Everyone who has an angry individual in their family knows not only how unhappy that person is but also how much havoc they wreak on the rest of the family."

See, if those darkies would just eat their watermelon and smile, everything would be great.  Actually trying to change things just makes them unhappy.

Stephen Moore, Town Hall:  "Liberalism Is Dangerous to Your Wallet and Your Health"

On the other hand, Conservatism is good for your health, by turning medical care into a way for rich people to make billions, and good for your wallet, by giving all your money to those same rich people.

Carmine Sabia Jr, PJ Media:  "Bitter Hillary Rouses Herself to Snap at Trump: 'I Would Have Read the Damn Briefs'"

Do they think they can make Hillary the bad guy here?  She would have read the damn briefs, and done something about it too.  And more:

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "As This Taliban-Russia Story Used to Bash Trump Suffered More Stab Wounds, Hillary Should’ve Kept Quiet"

First, Matt, the story has been nothing but corroborated, and gotten worse and worse since it was revealed last weekend.   After a series of lying excuses, the White House seems to have settled on the claim that Trump is too stupid to understand the significance of another country paying to kill our soldiers, or else it just wasn't important enough to bring to his attention.  But once again, it's all about Hillary.

Matt Margolis, PJ Media:  "FLASHBACK: Obama Repeatedly Ignored Intelligence Briefings on the Rise of ISIS"

Completely false, of course.  It's just one more of the nearly infinite examples of right wingers trying to get Trump off the hook by lying that Democrats did the same thing.  And another attempt to misdirect public attention until the mainstream press gets bored of Trump's treason and moves on to another jackass story about Democrats in Disarray, which is already happening- this story, which very well be the most monumental betrayal ever committed by a US President, has just about disappeared from the mainstream press.

Mike Ford, Red State:  "Has anyone noticed that Syria has been off of the front page for some time now? A large part of that of course, is our current focus on the Wuhan China virus and Democrat attempts to use a supposed “second wave” to perpetuate voter fraud via ballot harvesting. This, while maligning President Trump’s stellar handling of the much diminished pandemic. It’s not as though the left is totally ignoring foreign policy. They do after all, have time to yammer about “hearings” regarding an unconfirmed report of Russian action in Afghanistan…a report the president never received....Here is the real reason Syria is being ignored. President Trump’s policies are working."

How many lies can you fit in one paragraph?  Let us count the way.

"Wuhan China virus"

A racist, false name designed to deny Trump's responsibility for tens of thousands of American deaths.  I'm counting this one as a lie because it is intended to mislead people.

"Democrat attempts to use a supposed “second wave” to perpetuate voter fraud via ballot harvesting."

A complete lie.  Democrats, as opposed to Republicans, have a virtually unblemished record of never engaging in vote rigging. That's because they don't have to do that to win, Mike.  Republicans do.

"maligning President Trump’s stellar handling ..."

President Trump never handled anything in a stellar manner, not even paying off prostitutes.  He is the most incompetent person on earth, really, except at lying and hurling childish insults.  And his "stellar handling" in this particular case has resulted in the US, which has 4% of the world's population, having 25% of its coronavirus cases.

"of the much diminished pandemic. "

The truth, in case you care

Ha.  How can the guy even say that at this point?

"an unconfirmed report of Russian action in Afghanistan"

Unconfirmed except by about a dozen sources at this point.

"a report the president never received"

He received both written and verbal reports of it

"....Here is the real reason Syria is being ignored. President Trump’s policies are working."

No policy of Trump's has ever worked, except for packing the courts with corrupt judges.  And in this case, the Syrian war continues unabated in its ninth year, with half a million dead, and over 11 million displaced.  Trump's only real action was to betray our Kurdish partners in the most cowardly act ever carried out by a US President.

So, at least seven lies in that one paragraph.  Even the great lord Donald would have to consider that a job well done.  The sad thing is that Trump's miserable base, which hasn't paid one second of attention to Syria in months, and so has no idea what is going on there, will swallow this idiocy whole.  The article this came from, by the way, is entitled "More Trump 3-D Foreign Policy Chess."  Trump can't even play 1-D chess.

Victoria Taft, PJ Media:  "Seattle Protesters Find Out the Hard Way That It's Not Safe to Block Freeways at Night"

An article that should have been titled, "Right wing terrorist drives car into peaceful protesters, in an action that is becoming all too common among these loudmouthed Republican cowards."  There was not one word of sympathy for the three people that this Trump supporting lunatic deliberately injured, one of which died of her injuries, who Victoria referred to as "despotic agents provocateurs," but Victoria did claim that the driver had to flee for his life.  Poor guy.

And some coverage of the story from Gateway Pundit:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Two Women Activists Hit by Car on I-5 Outside Seattle — Suffer Serious Injuries After Hitting Windshield and Front Grill"

"Hit by car."  Apparently the car was acting on its own, since Jim never manages to mention that the car was driven by a right wing terrorist.

Rick Moran, PJ Media:  "Fauci Warns of 100,000 COVID-19 Cases a Day, While Sen. Paul Warns Against Creating Fear"

Fauci warns about the truth, while Rand Paul warns about believing the truth.  Who you gonna trust?

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "SICK. NY Times Pervert Paul Krugman Smears Florida Seniors as “White Supremacists” as COVID Numbers Climb in State"

That's Nobel Prize Winning Economist Paul Krugman to you, buster.  Joe also refers to the Nobel Prize winning economist (did I already say that?) as a "hack reporter."  Joe claims:

"On Tuesday Paul Krugman smeared Florida seniors as “white supremacists” 

That would be for Krugman having said  "Reality is coming for white supremacists driving golf carts."

I think when you are driving a golf cart and screaming "white power," it is not a smear to describe you as a "white supremacist driving (a) golf cart."  Joe does not agree.

"Krugman is the typical leftist who holds raw hatred for any group that may possibly be conservative or stand in the way of the Democrat agenda."

Because, of course, the "typical leftist" is an economics professor with a Nobel prize and a regular New York Times column.  Unlike Joe Hoft, who is a loudmouthed nobody heavily paid by right wing rich people to spread lies.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Statue Behind Protesting NBA Players and CCP Suckups Was Made in China"

The "statue" being the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C.  The protesters apparently chose that statue to show their support for China, or at least that is what Jim claims to believe.

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "It doesn't matter who did or did not own slaves"

Maybe not to Lloyd, a black man who sold his soul to whitey decades ago, but it does to everyone with a conscience.

Alex Corey, Town Hall:  "Black Conservative Activist Group Calls For Tina Fey's Mark Twain Prize to be Revoked"

Black Conservatives.  Tina Fey.  Guys, that fight is not going to come to a good end for you.

Bonchie, Red State:  "World’s Worst ‘Fact-Check’ Claims Democrats Didn’t Start the Civil War or KKK"

Let me just point out that two thousand years from now, the same people who scream "Jews killed Jesus" will be still saying this, too.  Funny, I never hear anyone yelling "Christians killed Lincoln."

Jeff Charles, Red State:  "Desperate Joe Biden Attempting To Silence Trump On Facebook"

It's hard to be too desperate when you are twelve points ahead, but whatever.

"It looks like Uncle Joe is pulling out all the stops to prevent President Donald Trump from defeating him in November."

Well, that's what you usually do when you are running for President, but I fail to see how a request to Facebook to stop Trump from lying is "pulling out all the stops."

Brandon Morse, Red State:  "The Real Reason Why Tucker Carlson Is So Appealing"

Brandon's reason?

"Carlson is incredibly articulate and personable."

No, Brandon, the real reason is that there are far more white racist haters in this country than we thought there were.  Brandon goes on about how Carlson isn't afraid to tell the truth, which I would believe if Carlson ever showed a shred of evidence that he will.

And let's just interrupt things here for a moment of Conservative humor:
I won't comment on this any more than to ask if elephants really have one tusk growing out of their trunks.  Who knew?

Steve McCann, American Thinker:  "The Fatal Flaw in the Electoral Victory Plan of Democrat Elites"

I'm not going to get into this article in detail, as it would make you vomit.  Suffice it to say that it is about how Joe Biden is just like Hitler.

"Just as the naïve fools in Germany did not realize that once they accepted Hitler into the political hierarchy the die was cast, neither have the naïve fools among the Democrats’ establishment realized...that the die is cast."

And on and on.  Convinced yet?  If not, too bad, because I have had enough of that one.  If people like Steve can't tell by now which American politician is "just like Hitler," nothing I can say will tip them off.

Jim Pierce, American Thinker:  "The Most Noble Experiment in Human History is on a Ventilator"

"The most noble experiment in human history" seems to be the gracious and open-handed way white people have treated black people throughout our country's history.  Take my word for it, that's what this article is about.  Again, you don't want to know the details.

Paul Bois, Daily Wire:  "Spike Lee: ‘Them Motherf***ing Confederate Statues Need To Come The F**k Down’; ‘F*** That Flag’

Right on, Spike!

Newsmax:  "Independent journalist tours the cities destroyed by Black Lives Matter rioters"

Helpfully illustrated by a picture of what appears to be bomb damage from World War II.  And no, the picture is not identified for what it is.

Josh Siegel, Washington Examiner:  "House Democrats pass $1.5 trillion 'green' infrastructure bill filled with climate policies"

What the hell else would a green infrastructure bill be filled with?  Smoked sausage?

Bronson Stocking, Town Hall:  "Calls Mount for Biden to Release Results of Cognitive Test"

Great.  As soon as Trump takes the same test, or even actually proves that he is not functionally illiterate.  You know, on TV, when someone is knocked out, the first thing they always ask them when they come to is who is the President of the United States.  At this point, I'm not sure Trump could even get that one right.

Boris Epshteyn, Town Hall:  "Bushed Biden is Getting Beat"

Because of course he is.  Running twelve points ahead of Trump means he is getting beat, but because it doesn't factor in the Republican cheating that is going to go on this fall, maybe Boris is right.  Boris continues:

"Former Vice President Joe Biden’s recent decision to duck a fourth presidential debate tells you everything you need to know about the presumptive Democrat nominee’s rapidly depleting stamina: the man is already too tired to run a full campaign against President Trump."

His refusal to give in to Trump's tantrums proves he is...well...something.  Given Trump's current mental state, I will be surprised if, in the end, Trump agrees to any debates.  He'll claim he's too busy protecting those Confederate statues or something, and then go play golf.

"Of course, it’s easy to understand why Biden’s handlers are so eager to isolate their feeble candidate. For the past several months, Biden has appeared visibly exhausted at campaign events, mentally fatigued during media interviews, and forgetful during speeches."

This utter lie seems to be currently the main plank of the Republican re-election campaign.  Of course, anyone who watches Biden speak or take questions knows that it is false, but smearing his opponent is all the worst President in history has to run on (unless you count his superb response to the coronavirus epidemic, or bringing peace to Syria,) so get used to it.

Matt Vespa:  "The Coronavirus Lockdowns are Over...And These Studies Really Deliver a Death Blow"

Death blow.  Considering that we seem to be seeing new highs in positive tests every day now, up to 56,000 a day, I'd be really careful if I were a Trump supporter before I used the term "death blow" in reference to Coronavirus.

Mike Miller, Red State:  "Will Somebody PLEASE Tell Nancy Pelosi Donald Trump Did NOT Call Wuhan Virus a ‘Hoax’?"

Plenty of people, all of them Trump stooges, have told her that, Mike.  Problem is, just like their dear leader, they are lying.  He did say that, just like he is now saying that the Russian bounties on our troops is a hoax.  You probably buy that lie too, Mike, or are willing to bet that your stupid readers will buy it.

Stephen Kruiser, PJ Media:  "Time for Trump 2020 to Bring Steve Bannon Out of Mothballs"

Oh boy, I can hardly wait.  Re-elect Trump, now with even more added racism.  Because Trump just isn't spewing enough of it on his own.

Bradlee Dean, Sons of Liberty:  "America's Hijacker, Abraham Lincoln: How Marxism Began To Change The US"

Lincoln! The Marxist! Actually, the Civil War should be called "The War to Enslave the States," according to Bradlee.  "The war of Northern aggression" just doesn't capture the truth.   Did you know that back in the old days, black slaves were really indentured servants, and had to be freed and given 50 acres of land after seven years of servitude?  I never knew that either.  And blacks started slavery in the United States.  True!  Or at least as true as anything right wingers say.

Town Hall:  "If Cher Could Turn Back Time, Maybe She Wouldn't Post This Stupid Tweet"

Yes, that is what we need to be worried about today:  Something tweeted by Cher.  And in case you were wondering, here is Cher's tweet:


One hundred percent on target.  But she dared question the Dear Leader.  A perfect opportunity to ignore his criminality, bestial behavior and treason and rail against someone who has essentially nothing to do with politics.

And let's just go out on the most incredible (and undoubtedly 100% true) story of the day:

Mike Adams, Newsmax:  "BREAKING: Thousands of guillotines pre-positioned across America for left-wing terrorists to execute conservatives, Christians and Whites in the unfolding CIVIL WAR..."

Paid for by George Soros, I presume.

"A deep background source has provided us with a document detailing the distribution of genocide machines — guillotines — across America in preparation for a left-wing coup attempt that will see Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists literally beheading conservatives, Christians and White people."

VERY deep background, as in nonexistent, as far as anyone can tell.  I just want to add that it has been several years since I featured any stories about the guillotines in Wingnut Wrapup.  I stopped because it became clear to me that my source for this "information" was clearly mentally ill, and I have a strict policy here that mentally ill people deserve sympathy, not ridicule, so as soon as I feel that a source is schizophrenic I will not include them here.  Mike, on the other hand, is not mentally ill; he is just a malignant liar, who showed long ago through his enriching himself selling quack medical cures that he is willing to kill people to make a profit.

"The radical Left intends to overthrow private property and private businesses across America, mass murder all political leaders and business leaders who support capitalism, and usher in an authoritarian, communist regime that will mass slaughter millions of Americans."

Mike Adams, on the other hand, has actually slaughtered untold numbers of people by conning them into trading in real medicine on his criminal garbage.

"In addition to the guillotines, many of these locations also boast “corpse processing facilities” which includes large numbers of the same type of incinerators which were ordered in large numbers under the cover of the covid-19 pandemic.  According to this source, there are literally thousands of incineration ovens positioned across America, ready to process the bodies after they are decapitated."

Ovens too.  Literally thousands of them.  Gee, even the Nazis only needed a few.  The radical left really is up to something terrible.  And if that was not enough:

"The document also warns of 500,000 Chinese-trained narco troops that have been positioned near the Southern border of California, in Mexico, in Tijuana, ready to invade and occupy California as part of the globalist invasion of America. Their ultimate goal is the removal of President Trump, the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and the mass killing of all conservatives, Christians and Whites."

Narco troops.  I don't even know what narco troops are, but I am already hiding under my bed, so I won't be able to bring you any more "news" today.  Sorry, I know how disappointed you must be.


Poll P. said…
It's almost as if that elephant has TWO penises growing on his face! Because Republicans are most manly!
Anonymous said…
I'm a little confused about the right wing terrorist driving the Jaguar in Seattle. He appears to be a 27 year old black man from Eritrea and is a U.S. citizen. I can find no mention of his politics anywhere. Video shows him speeding down the empty freeway and trying to dodge the pedestrians at the last second. He was not under the influence and showed signs of being in shock when the police arrived. Just saying.
Green Eagle said…
He went the wrong way up an exit ramp, swerved around a police barricade and then turned directly into the protesters. I don't care what country he was born in, or what color he is; this was a clear act of right wing terrorism.
Linus Bern said…
Republicans have spent months arguing that Trump never called covid-19 (American virus) a hoax, while at the same time angrily denouncing it as a hoax.

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