Saturday, July 4, 2020

Oh, Really? So Glad to Hear It.

From the headline story at the Washington Post today:

"Trump’s push to amplify racism unnerves Republicans"

Not enough, of course for them to do anything about it.  In fact, not enough for them to not jump on the train with him. 

As Trump sinks the country ever further into his nightmare of hatred and death the press is right on schedule to convince the American people that it was all his fault personally, and none of the blame rests on the Republican party for spending decades building an ignorant, savage base that would elect him.  Just the same, let me remind you, as the way they absolved the party of any responsibility for the dimwitted war criminal George W. Bush.

Which leads me to boringly repeat Green Eagle's first rule of American politics:  The Democrats could beat the Republican party into oblivion without hardly trying; what they cannot do is beat the Republicans and the mainstream press working together.  Since Republican President Ronald Reagan saw to it that virtually the entire mainstream press could fall into the hands of they hyper rich and their corporations, the press have not been the dupes of the Republicans; they have been their collaborators.

And do not expect this to change this time around, as we head toward the election.  I have noticed during the last few election cycles that the press often allows some objective coverage to escape into public consciousness in May and June, when everyone paying attention already has made their minds up.  This allows them to establish some sort of supposed record of even-handedness which they can boast about in the future.  However, once Mid-September comes along, and the ignorant are starting to tune in, that all goes out the window, and we have a steady diet of Benghazi, and her e-mails, and the swift boats, and the birth certificate, and any other smear the Republicans can think of.

So get ready for it, because the chances of it happening this time around, even with a deranged, murderous traitor in the White House are virtually nonexistent. 

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