Trump Wins Again

I am not in any way suggesting that this mentally challenged, ignorant idiot did what he did for this reason- he is not capable of thinking that far ahead- but let me point out a negative effect of the tremendous coverage of Trump's insane rant about injecting disinfectant into people:

Today, we passed 50,000 deaths from Coronavirus.  And as you can see from this chart, from Daily Kos, the death rate, far from diminishing, is increasing.

And that horrible milestone is receiving very little attention in the mainstream press, blotted out by their disgust at his jackass behavior in the face of tragedy.  Remember when, a couple of months ago, Trump said the number of Coronavirus cases in America was 15, and that it would soon be zero?  Remember him blaring for the last month that "experts" said the death toll would top out at 60,000, a number that would be a tremendous victory for him?  Well, at the present rate, we will hit the 60,000 mark sometime this coming Tuesday, and where it goes from there, only time will tell.  But we can say with certainty that we are about to experience the usual Republican rewriting of history, in which Trump never said what he has been recorded saying over and over again; and the usual Republican redefining of what constitutes a Trump victory in his "war" against the virus.  If it works, he could move closer to cheating his way into another term, and why shouldn't it work, when the same strategy has been working for Republicans for decades now?


Unknown said…
Keep America Sick 😷
Magpie said…
I'm really sorry to see what the American people are going through right now. It's bad enough to just deal with the virus, and the economic consequences which are still coming and won't leave for years... but to have that sack of crap appear on TV everyday talking rubbish while your life is in turmoil must be deeply dispiriting to those who see him for what he is. True history will damn him for all times, whatever the propagandists might say.
Isaac said…
He's called himself "war president." I think of him more as a "warp resident."
Green Eagle said…
You got it, Magpie. As cynical as we both are, I don't think either of us could see it coming to this.

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