A Modest Proposal

Most of you, I presume, are familiar with the Yellowstone Caldera, through the numerous documentaries and TV movies about the subject.  For those who are not aware of this geological phenomenon, under Yellowstone National Park lies a massive pool of magma, which when released may well cause an eruption that will dwarf Mount St. Helens, or even Tambora or Krakatoa themselves.  Despite scaremongering, of course, there is no prospect of such a thing happening in the next couple hundred thousand years or so, or that if it did it would be the maximum disaster beloved of horror movies.

Nevertheless, the whole thing has given me an idea, which could well be the only path to salvation that the United States clearly has.  Here is a map showing the possible extent of the damage resulting from a massive eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera:
I ask you to observe one fact which, until the helpful contribution of Green Eagle, has been unexplored:  The devastation wreaked by this event would be almost entirely concentrated in red States.  Yes, we might lose Seattle and Chicago, and a few other areas that we would miss, but really, in the larger scope of things, it would massively realign the balance between rational Americans and crazed, greed maddened, hate filled right wingers.

Anyway, think about it- it just might be worth it, if it's the only hope we have.


Jerry Critter said…
I see that you are always looking for the silver lining. Every disaster has an upside.
Green Eagle said…
That's Green Eagle- the eternal optimist, always on the lookout for practical solutions to our problems.
Ten Bears said…
Hey, wait a minute ...
Green Eagle said…
Thomas, if you have any concern about the seriousness of this suggestion, you might want to Google the title of the post, "A Modest Proposal."

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