We Live in a Dictatorship

As of today, with the American Reichstag deciding on a total party line basis that the manifest treason of their leader must be allowed to continue unopposed, I think it is past any question that this party has openly embraced totalitarian, one party rule.  Today is the day that the Republican treatment of the opposition truly justifies comparison with the way the Nazi party destroyed other parties in the months after Hitler's rise to power. 

And let us be clear about this:  there is not one single person on the House intelligence committee, Democrat or Republican, who does not know the true nature of Trump's crimes.  The destruction of the means to uncover the evidence shows that the Republicans know the monstrous crime in which they are accessories.

And all of this accompanied by Trump's staging of the closest thing he could manage to a Nuremberg rally in Pennsylvania this week; an open display of hatred, racism and barely suppressed violence that is, finally, truly deserving of comparison to Nazi Germany.

It has taken a little over one year from the Republican ascent to total power to reach this point.  That's slower than Hitler, who took only a few months to destroy all other political parties in Germany and openly show that he intends his party to do whatever it wants, regardless of the law and regardless of humanity.  But there is hardly any comfort in that, any more than there is comfort in the fact that, as this party has descended into madness, its supporters have refused to acknowledge the obvious truth. 

This is the path down which Nixon and Reagan and Bush and Cheney and Gingrich and Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell have willingly and deliberately steered us, while the press and Democratic leaders and so many others refused to state the obvious truth.

And let me make two little points here:  First of all, whatever Hitler was, he was not a traitor.  He enslaved and killed non-Germans without a care, but he never joined with a foreign leader to destroy his own country.  And second, however much damage Hitler did, he did it without his hands on five thousand nuclear weapons.

Well, here we are.  Now what?


One Fly said…
I don't think we've seen anything yet compared to what may come.

Our country cannot and is not functioning at all.

And the media gives this abomination of a person credibility every day when there should be a cry from them how much he is hurting the United States.

I have not been for some time and without question now proud of my country or many who live in it. Frankly I despise them as there is no get along with any of these deviants.

I meet many more Canadians here in the Vallarta area as it appears Americans are not here in the same number and most can't believe what they are seeing happen in their neighboring country to the south.
Jerry Critter said…
It is now time for the democrats on the House Intelligence Committee to show that they are intelligent and release all the information that they have collected during their investigation. Let the American people decide!

Will they do it? I’m not holding my breath.
Dave Dubya said…
None of this charade has been surprising, of course.

We do live in a one-party dictatorship. That sounds terrifying as is, and adding, "Democrats are our only hope" only seals our sense of doom.

We could not have gone so far to the right without the Democratic Quislings.

Corpo-Dems have been aiding and abetting this horrible shift to the Right for decades.

One thing is certain. The struggle against corporate dominance of government, economic elitism, fascism, and racism is the greatest test for humanity. And it will continue to be our fate, until rampant greed and the hate and fear mongering of authoritarianism are no longer tolerated.

Humanity faces a choice between evolution and extinction. We either embrace an evolution of conscience and consciousness, or face extinction, through the overthrow of democratic representative government by the machinery of economic power, run by cold-blooded fascists and authoritarians.
Burr Deming said…
Did they hire the O.J. jury to help reach a decision?

I suppose Devin Nunes will now join Trump and Simpson on the golf course where they will look for the real culprits.
Burr Deming said…
Supply side as a limited theory started with John Maynard Keynes. It became a theology in the late 1970s with Arthur Laffer's napkin.

The strength of conservative belief in Supply Side theology has become impervious to evidence.

It isn't true because of results. It's true because it must be true. It just has to be true.
Green Eagle said…
Burr, I appreciate your taking the time to read and comment on my blog, but I have to point out to you that Keynes was the exact opposite of supply side economics. Keynesian economics is totally based on demand side principles, and what's more has been proven to work by its success under Roosevelt and Obama at terminating depressions.
Jerry Critter said…
“It became a theology in the late 1970s with Arthur Laffer's napkin.L

The interesting thing about the Laffer curve is that he drew it upside down. https://angrybearblog.com/2011/10/laffer-curve-and-kimel-curve.html

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