Saturday, August 12, 2017


Given the way things are going in this country, there is going to be more and more talk about parallels with the rise of the Nazis.

Unfortunately, about 90% of what I read about them is false or at best partially true, so I want to recommend to anyone who is really interested in the subject, the three volume history of the rise and rule of the Nazis written by Cambridge Professor Richard Evans:

The Coming of the Third Reich
The Third Reich in Power
The Third Reich at War

This is a long read, but is by far the most authoritative history of the subject in English, and is widely available.  Evans wrote this in the late nineties, and a good part of it, particularly the last two volumes, is based on millions of pages of documents that had been kept in East Germany, and were unavailable prior to its collapse.  You will learn an immense amount that you didn't know about the Nazis.  From then on, when you say "this is like the Nazis," you will know what you are talking about.

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gruaud said...

Read this trio under Bush the Lesser's reign.

Fascinating and terrifying.