Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Russia, Russia, Russia

I suggest that you take the time to watch the latest video from Keith Olbermann:

It has been clear for months now, that the endless connections between Donald Trump and Russia are enough to convince anyone not living in a state of utter denial that Trump is a traitor in collusion with the Russian dictator.  Keith lays a lot of it out in this video; what he does not get into is what Trump has actually done for the Russians, in the way of demolishing our intelligence apparatus, deliberately alienating us from our allies, working to destroy NATO, obviously planning to do away with sanctions on Russia, appointing people deeply connected to Russia to our highest executive branch positions, and on and on.

Now, just consider how much immense power the Republicans have to prevent this sort of information from being assembled in public, and any sentient person must come to one conclusion and one conclusion only: that we are led by a man who has accepted bribes or been blackmailed to destroy our country.

And don't tell me about "innocent until proven guilty."  That is supposed to be for juries, in court cases where there are prosecutors honestly trying to present the evidence, and where the defendants do not actually control the justice system.  There is so much evidence that we already have that it is obvious what is going on here.  It's time to bring the whole Republican corrupt house of cards down, but I doubt that anyone is willing to do it, so I guess we lose our country instead.

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