Monday, March 27, 2017


Today, Donald Trump hit 36% approval in the always Republican leaning Gallup poll.  I mention this, because this is lower than the lowest ever recorded by either Barack Obama or Bill Clinton, despite the multi-hundred-million dollar smear campaigns conducted against them for years.  And it only took him two months.

He's got a long way to go, however, before he hits the 25% approval rating recorded by George W. Bush, after he destroyed the American economy.  Well, give him a chance.  He's working on it.


Just to be clear about my comment about Gallup being Republican leaning.  Gallup, under its founder George Gallup Sr, was the first polling organization to really gain national prominence, and once had a reputation as highly reliable.  Unfortunately, when Gallup died, his company was inherited by his son, George Gallup Jr, who was a hard core right wing evangelical Christian, who made no secret about his intent to use the organization to advance his political/religious agenda.


Marc said...

Well, 27% is where the core is, so once you dip below that, you are really eating into you base.

Jerry Critter said...

Well, you know, 36% approval rating is pretty good for a republican president. Now much is expected of them and not many people support them.

Green Eagle said...

I had set the core percentage of Republican lunatic fascists at 27% at some point in the mid-nineties. I have been gratified to see that number gradually be accepted by more and more people as time goes by. The real significance of this is that, having carefully bred this base of brain dead losers, the Republicans only need to win 23% of the real vote to be elected, while Democrats have to win 50%. Just one more way that the Republicans have managed to rig the electoral process in their own favor, and one that isn't enough remarked on. The answer, of course, is decent public education, which explains a lot.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Matc and GE, He will never drop below 27%. There is nothing absolutely nothing that can be revealed which will turn them away from their Hair Furor.

Green Eagle said...

Gene, one thing I know is that every point downward in Trump's popularity will be harder to get than the last one. As he approached the magic 27% number, I believe that it will become phenomenally hard for his remaining supporters to admit the truth to themselves. However, I do remember that Bush bottomed out in some relatively trustworthy polls at 22%, and Cheney ended up at 13%- probably proving that one in eight Americans actually is a spawn of Satan- and in truth, Bush, as abominable as he was, doesn't hold a candle to Trump.

On the other hand, in the last sixteen years, the means the Republicans will use to hang on to power have grown considerably. I really do believe that it will be virtually impossible to sever that 25% or 27% of dead end fascists from Trump, but consider this: Even the most cynical among us (a group in which I of course include you and me) could not have foreseen what has happened in the last two months. We just don't know what is right around the corner.