Friday, July 15, 2016

Right Wing Delusion Grows Ever More Malignant

I used to spend more time picking particularly objectionable right wing web posts and ripping them apart in some detail, in the manner of the sites "sadly no!" or "World o' Crap."  I eventually settled on my cheap shot approach of trying to ridicule short excerpts from a large number of right wing posts, so rarely do I deal with one thing thoroughly.  I just have to make an exception for this one, though, by Reverend Austin Myles at Renew America, one of the most popular right wing blogs in the country. Myles is a relatively frequent denizen of Wingnut Wrapup.  I picked this article because it is a particularly revealing example of just how far the mixture of delusion and lies that passes for right wing though really is.  So, here we go, and hold on to your seats, it's going to be a rough ride.

"Obama allows ISIS training camps in U.S.!!

The fraud in the White House not only allows ISIS training camps on U.S. soil but he ENCOURAGES it. This is why he brings Muslims, by the millions, into the U.S. as "refugees."

Yeah, that's what refugees are all about!

"There is (sic) ISIS training camps scattered throughout the United States, These training camps and compounds are so secretly tight get American Citizen, including law enforcement or military are "permitted" to approach or enter. These are considered, "No Enter Zone" areas, exactly as they have managed to establish in Europe where they have taken over sections of cities where they are a law unto themselves."

ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES!!!!!   They are all over the United States, and no one is allowed in!  Just like somewhere that nobody can find in Europe!  And Obama is running the whole thing!

'"Those sections of the city taken over by Islam, operate under, Shari'a Law, with the goal of instituting that perverted law throughout the country they occupy. It is not safe for any non-Muslim to enter that section of town.

There is one in Portland, 2 in San Francisco, 2 in Santa Clara, three in L.A.,2 in San Diego, 2 in Tucson, one in Denver, two in Oklahoma City, one in Arlington, Texas, 3 in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and three in Houston.

Columbia, Missouri has4, Cleveland has 2,Roanoke has one, Charlotte has one, Raleigh has one, Orlando, Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton have one each, Seattle has 2, Plainfield, Indiana has 2, Boston has one, Maryland has 2, Washington, D.C. has 2, Virginia has 2, and New York State has six training camps meant to destroy this country. This is absolutely nuts!'

Well, it is absolutely nuts, but not, I suspect, in the sense that Reverend Austin Myles means.

"This is how Obama spends our tax money to aid in our destruction. At this moment, there are 35 documented Jamaat ul-Fuqra jihadi training camps in 17 states. Now did you hear this?"

Well, I'm sure you heard (or at least read) it.  The question is, could you possibly be stupid enough to believe it?  And here is a map, linked to by the article, to show where a lot of them are:

Do you believe it now?  Well, DO YOU, PUNK?  Oh wait, wrong movie.  Sorry.

"These camps train followers to learn how to use weapons (illegal, unregistered, unlicensed AK 47 rifles, rocket launchers, machine guns and C4 explosives), how to kidnap and kill Americans, and how to conduct sabotage and subversive operations."

I'm not sure how the Reverend knows this, since no one is allowed inside.  Maybe his God told him.

"And all of this totally explains the uprising against Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. First of all, the protests against him are by paid stooges who are bused in and paid for causing the disturbances to try and make Trump look bad. The Communists and the Islamists know full well that when Trump does get into office, these savages will soon be no more. He will clean house. He is the only hope we have. America, Please.....PLEASE think!"

The answer: gunning down Trump's opponents in the street.  Boy, that will sure make America great again.

If it were not for the fact that a significant part of the American populace seems ready to accept claims like this, this man would clearly be classified a paranoid schizophrenic.  And this is the sort of evil hatred and lust for terror that the Republican party has systematically and deliberately built in this country.  It has just about reached critical mass, where we may indeed see a civil war in the United States, between sane people and bands of heavily armed schizophrenics, who are barely more conscious of reality than the zombies that plague our TV screens.  They cannot win, but how many will die, and how much will be destroyed before we can stop them?

Note: I rarely link to these things, but in this case, I will, because I can imagine that it is hard for people to believe that their fellow citizens could have given themselves over to madness like this.  Check it out at your own risk.  And I mean that- I am sort of immune because I have seen so much of it, but for most people, reading stuff like this can be really upsetting.

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cocooned1 said...

and I'm sure you consider the sane people the Liberals the brain-dead Democrats and the ones willing to go along with the influx of sharia law and Islam in this country.
people like you are the very problem in this country because you don't have the ability to have rational thought your Guided by how you feel and you think feelings are science and they're not they're simply feelings based on point of view so fuck your point of view. Along with Muhammad the pedophile prophet in all his brain dead followers