Wednesday, July 6, 2016

It's a Big Story, I Guess

Scandals never die.  I'm sick of talking about the "substance" of the right wing attacks motivated by Hillary's FBI exoneration, but I thought it would be amusing to report on the quantity of them.  Here is a list of the number of stories about Hillary's e-mails that are up today at some of the sites I cover for Wingnut Wrapup:

Town Hall  25
Red State  9
PJ Media  6
Gateway Pundit 4
Renew America  5
World Net Daily  4
American Thinker  8
Breitbart 17
National Review Online  7
Daily Caller  10
Newsmax  17

For a total of 112 stories at these 11 sites, or an average of just over 10 per site.

Let me point out something:  these stories, and the many more like them at other websites, could not have all been produced in the few hours since the FBI decision was announced.  The Republicans knew perfectly well that there was absolutely nothing criminal about what Hillary did, so, after months of calling for her criminal indictment, they had to be prepared with a massive blast of propaganda to hide one more colossal failure of their propaganda machine, and here it is.

Now, let me deal with another thing which no one that I have seen has pointed out.  The FBI is, and always has been, a right wing organization, and its head has always been a right winger.  The current occupant of that position is no exception.  He was forced to acknowledge that Hillary Clinton had done nothing remotely illegal with her e-mails, and that there was certainly no intent on the part of anyone involved to do something wrong.  At that point, his job was done.  He had absolutely no business going any farther in public.  Instead, he chose to gratuitously cast personal aspersions on Hillary.  This had no purpose but to see that, even in exonerating her, he provided his right wing compatriots with ammunition to continue their smears.  And in that he succeeded.  Comey should be fired for this abuse of his position.  Instead, he is being savaged by the right for being forced to admit that Hillary did nothing criminal, and his unacceptable attacks are being taken seriously all over the corporate media.  Welcome to the Presidential election, 2016.

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