Friday, February 5, 2016

Really, What Is There To Say?

I haven't been posting much lately.  I took a look at a lot of liberal sites that I have bookmarked, and I noticed that many of their writers don't seem to be posting much either.  And I am sure it's not because they have lost interest; it is because there is so little point in saying the same obvious things over and over again, only to have them drowned out by the right wing noise machine and the stupid, corrupt mainstream media.

In the official Beltway pundit world these days, Bernie Sanders, a serious, life long liberal politician, with carefully thought out policies which also happen to be supported by a large majority of Americans, is just the same as the loudmouthed racist carnival barker Trump.  And Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most accomplished person to run for President in decades, is the same as the puerile, lying empty suit Marco Rubio.

And we know that the mainstream press is going to keep repeating these grotesque distortions of political reality a thousand times a day, every day until the election.  We also know that we have only begun to see the sewage pit of lies that the Republicans are going to hurl at the eventual Democratic nominee, which will go largely unquestioned by the talking heads who inhabit our journalistic world.

And all of this in the service of the nauseatingly rich owners of the press in this country, along with owning just about everything else, even though these Republican politicians and "reporters" know perfectly well that they are driving this country over a cliff, in order to make a few more billion dollars for the Koch brothers and the Waltons.

No wonder it is hard, when it actually comes down to it, to sit at a keyboard and try to write something that is true.


Anonymous said...

Certainly you don't write the truth, you have no clue what the truth is.

Infidel753 said...

Bernie just the same as the loudmouthed racist carnival barker Trump.

In that connection, I couldn't help noticing this news item:

Fox News Host Disturbed Rachel Maddow Hugged Bernie And Hillary

I can see why Fox would consider this to be bizarre behavior. In the conservative world, the proper and Presidential thing for Bernie to do would have been to go on a day-and-a-half Twitter tantrum of insulting Maddow and making vulgar remarks about menstruation, followed by a threat to boycott the next debate unless she was kicked off the moderator panel. Hugging someone, especially one of those icky lesbians, is simply not how a real man acts.

Magpie said...

Could have stopped it there mid-sentence as "Fox News Host Disturbed" and it would also make sense.