Wingnut Wrapup

As I mentioned, I have just suffered from a fairly spectacular computer collapse, which turned out to be nothing but corroded contacts on some ram, so here I am again.  The material in this Wingnut Wrapup was gathered before last night's Paris attacks, so I won't have anything about that here.  I am, however, announcing that two competitions are now open:

1.  The grand Green Eagle award for excellence in blaming this attack on President Obama:  Note to potential entrants:  This will involve points both for introducing the most right wing talking points, and for sheer piggishness, so without these essential elements, don't even bother entering- the competition is going to be stiff enough with just those who follow the rules

2.  The tiny little Yasir Arafat memorial cup, for the most creativity in blaming it all on Israel.  This too is expected to be hotly contested, as you would expect.

Well, on we go...

Today's Wingnut Wrapup absolutely has to be dedicated to Jim Hoft, for demonstrating once again why they call him the Stupidest Man On The Internet:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Media Double Standard: Ben Carson Is a Liar But Barack Obama Isn’t a Kenyan"

I can't even bring myself to comment on that, so let's just move on:

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "As Democrats Chirp More About Gun Control, Firearm Sales Continue To Shoot Through The Roof"

Well, aren't you just so proud of yourselves?

Derek Hunter, Town Hall:  "Hillary Clinton lies to the country for 11 hours, and the Democratic Party rallies around her while she declares victory. None of the Americans murdered because of her incompetence were brought back to life and none of the families lied to about a YouTube video were comforted, but still she turned that into the best week ever."

I guess that, if the Republicans running this farce had their way, the four dead Americans would have sprung up out of the carpet, because Jesus or America or something.  Okay, I will try to ignore other posts that keep pushing this bullshit. You know there will be dozens of them.

Colin Flaherty, American Thinker:  "Black People Must Be Livid at the Keystone Job Killer-In-Chief...Everybody knows the only reason why so many black people spend so much time in prison is because there are no jobs.  So every single one of these job-loving apologists must be livid that the president just said he was going to stop the construction of the Keystone pipeline."

The Keystone pipeline that was scheduled to deliver a staggering 35 PERMANENT JOBS!!!!!  Yup, that's the actual number of jobs that Barack Obama CRUSHED OUT OF EXISTENCE, I tell you, when he decided against this gigantic giveaway to the Koch Brothers, the largest holders of Canadian tar sands property.  Those 35 jobs would have ended black crime forever!

No mention, of course, of the 270,000 jobs that were created in the month of October, or, to be fair, I guess 269,965, if we subtract the 35 jobs that Obama KILLED, I TELL YOU,or about one eighth of the jobs generated in the entire George W. Bush administration.

Mark Musser, American Thinker:  "From Marxism/Communism to Post-Modern Liberal Fascism"

Do you think there is anyone on earth dumb enough to read that?  Well, I am sure that there are lots of them at American "Thinker," just not here.

Bruce Walker, American Thinker:  "How Carson Beats Clinton"

With a club?  The way things are going these days, I don't see any other way.  Well, here's a taste:

"Clinton lies all the time, and when she is not lying, she is parsing her words so carefully that it is tantamount to lying."

Even when she's not lying, she's lying.  Carson, on the other hand:

"Carson, on the other hand, is as deeply grounded in sincere Christianity as any candidate in recent memory.  What that means in blunt terms is that Americans can trust Carson to do what is right, even when it costs him..."

Let's just forget about his making money from hawking a fake cancer cure.  I mean, that's just free enterprise, where everything is fair.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "GOP Sens Warn: Gitmo Transfers May Be Placed in Prison “2 to 3 Minutes” from Elementary School "

Even if this were true (of course this prison two or three minutes from an elementary school is not identified) the detainees would still be IN PRISON, dumbass.  Unlike the crazed gun owners who are allowed by right wingers to shoot up schools every week in this country.

And let's not forget that these people have been held in jail for well over a decade, without the government managing to bring charges against any of them.  While wingnuts are raving over the second amendment, perhaps people should give a thought to another amendment that guarantees everyone a right to a speedy trial.  It is unconstitutional to keep the detainees in prison, and has been for years.  The only constitutional answer is to let them all go; and if they go home and become terrorists, too damn bad- it's just one more piece of blowback we earned by letting the Bush administration run roughshod over international law.

So, it's time to turn to a few excerpts from an article about Bernie Sanders, which I think outlines the basic approach that Republicans would take if he were the nominee:

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  "Bernie Sanders, Lover of Genocidal Tyrants, Is Anything But Cute"

Off to a good start there.  Let's continue:

"He’s not some cute curmudgeon who fights the little guy. He’s a committed adherent to an ideology that starved, tortured, and murdered north of 100 million people over the last century.

Even for the Democrat Party, which founded and nurtured the KKK, embracing a sycophant of psychotics is a mortifying new low."

Well, don't hold back there, Kurt, spit it all out:

"It’s no surprise that Sanders abhors the First Amendment so much that he makes a huge point of demanding that our free speech be circumscribed and limited. The Citizens United decision barred the government from banning speech critical of another Democrat, Hillary Clinton, and the likes of Sanders cannot abide people speaking truth to power."

Citizens United- all about letting people criticize Hillary.  That's an interesting interpretation.

"Sanders honeymooned in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics"

As I have pointed out before, a total lie.  Sanders actually skipped his honeymoon so he could work on a death panel.

"at the time Sanders was sucking up to it, it was America’s sworn enemy. I know – I sat on the free side of the Iron Curtain in uniform prepared to die in place holding its hordes back in the event they decided to cross into West Germany."

Of course, theat "event" never happened, and never was going to happen except in the minds of people scared to death by the military industrial complex, so our government wasted trillions keeping you there, protecting us against the "hordes."  In fact, you did nothing but collect government welfare for doing exactly nothing productive.

"That dirtbag Sanders, by the way, was a secular conscientious objector during Vietnam. He objected both to fighting for his country and to fighting against America’s – and humanity’s – socialist enemies. So let’s throw cowardice into the mix too. In other words, he’s the perfect Democrat."

Sanders refused to participate in a war of aggression waged against international law by the United States, in which more bombs were dropped on a small, innocent country than were dropped by us in World War II, and in which we murdered between two and four million innocent civilians.  That, in the right wingers' views, adds up to "cowardice."

"And let’s not forget the fraternal twin brother socialism never talks about, the one Sanders and his socialist pals want to deny but who best encapsulates what they are about – the Nazis."

Okay, it was inevitable that it would come to this.  Time to pull the plug on this disgusting pack of lies.  Well, maybe just one more excerpt:

"...the only way the United States of America and its Constitution will ever be overthrown in favor of the socialist dictatorship Sanders and his pals dream of is over heaping piles of spent brass and our dead bodies."

So you are going to shoot us all if Bernie is elected.  Bring it on, tough guy.  It's way past time that we teach fascist scum like you what will happen if you start a shooting war, instead of just hiding behind your keyboards.

George Mano, Town Hall:  "Triumph of the Will"

The gist of this piece is, of course, is that Obamacare is just like Nazis.  And with an extra added treat:  If Germany does not kick all the foreigners out of its territory, that will be just like the Nazis too.  Somehow, that seems a little backwards to me, but what do I know?

Devon Herrick, Town Hall:  "Why Some States Expanded Medicaid While Others Haven’t"

Because some States are run by Republican pigs and some are run by decent people?  Why no, that's not the answer, according to Devon:

"non-expansion states have a higher degree of economic freedom than expansion states"

That would not be the freedom to not die of a preventable illness.  It would be the freedom of rich people to not pay taxes.  Well, okay, then; glad we got that straightened out.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Liberal Media: Everyone In Houston Is A Bigot"

Well, at least Green Eagle is pleased to discover he is not a member of the dreaded "liberal media," as he does not believe everyone in Houston is a bigot- only about 95% of the white ones.

Breitbart:  "Poll: GOP Beats Hillary Clinton In… Minnesota!"

In...wait for it...MINNESOTA!!!11!!!1!!!  Man, they are desperate for good news.

And here are three stories at Breitbart today that shows just how far off the rails Conservatives have gone:

"J Lo at 46" 
"Pamela Anderson Posts Nude Selfie to Celebrate Hep C Cure" 
"77-Year-Old Jane Fonda Smooches Miley Cyrus’ Stomach at LGBT Awards"

All illustrated with semi-pornographic pictures.  You just don't see stuff like this at Daily Kos.  These people really are pathetic.

Jay Nordlinger, National Review Online:  "What is Conservatism?"

Greed.  That pretty much sums it up.  Well, greed and hate.

And, it ain't over yet!

Richard Pollock, Daily Caller:  "The Daily Caller News Foundation filed a lawsuit Monday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia over the State Department’s failure to release records showing that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top aides passed all mandatory security courses on handling classified materials."

And whether she learned to wash her hands after chocolate milk time in kindergarten.  It will never stop.  The "Daily Caller News Foundation."  Isn't that precious?

Blake Neff, Daily Caller:  "Meet The Privileged Yale Student Who Shrieked At Her Professor"

That should be informative.  Just let me get my earplugs in first.

Joe Schaeffer, Newsmax:  "Confederate Flag Out, CAIR In for Tulsa Veterans Day Parade"

Of course, only one of those groups treasonously attacked the United States and killed hundreds of thousands of American troops.  Wonder why veterans of the United States Army might not be interested in their presence?

"Why approve another group and then deny us, when the Confederate [issue] is a Civil War thing? They're veterans within itself," group member Arlene Barnum told NewsOne 6 in Oklahoma. 

"[We wanted] just a regular old float, to have the Confederate flag up there like we have mounted on our trucks, and have some people on the float, and wave our flags and have some visibility," Barnum said."

Maybe we should have a float from the Waffen SS, too.

"One veteran told NewsOne 6 he would not be cheering this year.

"That parade is something I've chosen not to be a part of, because I don't want to share something of honor with the enemy of this country," David Bell said."

The irony is strong with these people:

Number of American soldiers killed by the Confederacy:  360,000
Number of American soldiers killed by CAIR:  0

Weasel Zippers:  "Shocker: Michael Moore’s Home State Of Michigan Ranks Last In Nation In Laws On Ethics...How weird huh? The state that gave us Michael Moore is unethical and full of liars…"

The State is totally controlled by Republicans, but it's all Michael Moore's fault.

Well, that's all I can take for now.


Zog said…
Can we get an award if we find a way to blame the attacks on Roy Orbison and/or the Nabisco Corporation?
Green Eagle said…
Zog, if you can find a way to blame it on Roy Orbison, Green Eagle will certainly create an award for you.
Magpie said…
Already the Republican candidate clown brigade are talking about how they would conduct mass air attacks against Islamic State, which somehow would be so much better than targeted drone strikes. Presumably because instead of killing 20 innocents per militant they’d be killing 2000 innocents per militant.

Apart from the deaths of non-combatants which you can be absolutely sure they do not give a damn about…. I really don’t see how that is going to deal with militants living in Paris.

Details regarding the perpetrators of the Paris attacks are still emerging but unsurprisingly they appear to be people in their teens. We will very soon we will be contending with people who weren’t even born at the time of 9/11.

Cruz and co were of course talking to the more stupid of the masses, but they do themselves probably believe more bombs would work.
Sure it would.
Like the answer always is: ‘more guns’

Every one of the attacks on Paris was directed at a scene of the good life… watching a soccer match, a concert, having a drink with friends.
The life that the perpetrators themselves were, by their location at the very least, well within reach of.
They were in Paris, one of the most cultured cities in the world.
The most powerful force the West has is that quality of life within its member countries can be better than anything had by anyone else in history.

What must the murderers have wanted for themselves…? Nothing in this world but the posthumous approval of homicidal maniacs.
We’re up against the ultimate consequence of religious faith - believing the afterlife is a nicer place than one of the most cultured cities on Earth can offer you.

If you killed every militant alive now in Syria and Iraq they will regenerate and re-emerge there or in some other pile of rubble.

This is so key I’m going to say it all over again:
If you killed every militant alive now in Syria and Iraq they will regenerate and re-emerge there or in some other pile of rubble.

AT BEST – because if it’s not there then it’s in the kid sitting right next to you on the bus.
We’re not up against a military power. We’re up against a cult. You cannot “bomb them out of existence” if you just ‘tried harder’.
Sam240 said…
Let us now mourn the dead in Bourj el-Barajneh, Beirut, Lebanon, and in Paris, France, who were killed by ISIS terrorists during the time Green Eagle's computer was down, and condemn the terrorists responsible for the attacks in those two countries. Green Eagle does not mention the scores dead in Lebanon, which is not too surprising, because the victims were Arabs and Muslims, and Green Eagle has a history of expressing anti-Arab racism and anti-Muslim bigotry.

And now Green Eagle is encouraging anti-Semitism by handing out an award to the best way people can blame Israel for what happened. He may think the award is a joke, but its effects are not. He is being disgusting again.

Apparently, when some Palestinians act towards Israel the same way that some Native Americans acted towards the United States in the 1800s, we are not permitted to state that Israel has acted towards the Palestinians in pretty much the same way that the United States acted towards Native Americans in the 1800s. Such commentary is somehow anti-Semitic. Apparently bringing up the policy of the United States government for Native American attacks on whites is also morally wrong.

But now -- now that we have terrorist attacks in which none of the perpetrators were living under the oppression of Israeli occupation, now's the time Green Eagle wants us to blame the Jews. Neither France nor Lebanon was carrying out any military occupation, so there cannot be any right to resist in this case. This is not blowback resulting from crimes committed by the governments of France or Lebanon.

Given that Israel wasn't even targeted, I can't think of any way Israeli government policies caused this. Even if Palestinians were involved in carrying this out -- and there is no evidence yet that this is the case -- the right to resist military occupation does not extend to attacks on civilians in countries that are not involved in this occupation, and thus still could not even be indirectly blamed on that government.


Speaking of which, if you have to give award to disgusting liars, Mark Steyn has earned one. He has blamed the attack on, among others, French president Hollande, as well as all those Europeans, since"most of them either wish or are indifferent to the death of the societies in which they live" (Steyn's words). He is utterly reprehensible.

Poll P. said…
Sam240, you are a liar. Green Eagle is not and never has been a racist, a bigot, or anything but a clear-sighted, truth-speaking, honorable man who cares for the fate of humanity. Go soak your head.
Green Eagle said…
Thanks, Poll, and what's worse, a person with a very damaged sense of humor.

"Green Eagle wants us to blame the Jews."

You don't believe that for a second, Sam. That makes you an anti-Semitic liar. Of course, we have known that all along.

joseph said…

In 50 words or less, what exactly do you expect of the Palestinians? Demand for good governance? Condemnation of terrorism? Refusal to name streets after murderers? Acting grown up enough to sit at the adults table? Creation of a viable economy? Remember, 50 words or less, no filibustering.
joseph said…

I nominate the morons who commented at the anti-semitic post of last Friday. The post is titles "Terror in Paris" and you can see the blame Israel crowd there. They are somewhat subtle, but not too subtle. Any anti-semite can easily get the drift.

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