Well, This is Going to Be an Amusing Spectacle

All sorts of Republicans seem to now be demanding that the United States declare war on ISIS.

I just can't wait to see what happens when the dreaded Obama appears before the Republican Congress asking them to place the military in his hands, by declaring war.

Keep away from there- that's my advice.  The cognitive dissonance may be enough to blow the whole capitol building to smithereens.  Unless the Republicans can find a way to both demand that Obama act and totally prevent him from acting at the same time, so they can get some electoral mileage out of his "weakness."

Well, at least this is something to keep in mind for the next few weeks, as we are sickened by the orgy of Republican jingoism to which we are about to be subjected.

Funny, remember back in 2002, when all of the Republicans hated France?


Magpie said…
"Funny, remember back in 2002, when all of the Republicans hated France?"


And there'd be no ISIS if not for the stupid invasion of Iraq that France wanted no part of - because they bloody well knew that it would destabilise the region and make terrorism more likely.

Are those "freedom fries" now "French fries" again?

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