Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Current Take on Donald Trump

So, the real likelihood is that Trump is just a really rich guy who loves being the center of attention, and is willing to pay for it.  But here's another possibility that I haven't heard anyone suggest:

Trump is actually the Republicans' answer to Bernie Sanders.  The Republicans can see the utterly unexpected degree to which Sanders' populist message is resonating with people, and they are deathly afraid that their own supposed populists, the teabaggers, will hear him and respond to what he has to say.  So, their only possible response (short of actually doing something that benefits anyone but the Koch brothers, but let's stick to reality here) is to find a candidate that can keep those people on the reservation.  Well, Trump is the perfect choice- he loves the media coverage, and he knows that he won't get the nomination, so it's just a fun carnival ride for him.  And they can keep him in the news as long as Bernie Sanders continues his surge.  Because, to a Republican, the notion of a Presidential candidate actually getting people to support him by putting forth an honest, middle class oriented message, is totally beyond their comprehension.

Then, when Bernie withers like all of their own one-month-wonders do, Trump can get bored and go home.  That's the plan, anyway.  Because, as I said, the one thing they never thought of in their worst nightmares is an honest politician. 


Raypc800 said...

I find it interesting that people say Sanders is going to burn out. When you have a candidate that takes their message into dark red states and has large turnouts of people. That to me is not the sign of a campaign that is going to burnout. Thus I will wait and see what happens. I wonder if Sanders got Warren to be a running mate, how that would effect what is said about the campaign?
One thing is for sure the GOP is taking Sander's campaign seriously. They have been attacking him on their websites with numerous lies and their trolls are posting heavily on any article that talks about his campaign.

Green Eagle said...

The man has had a consistent message for decades. What's more, when people have a chance to hear it, they are wildly enthusiastic. That is not a recipe for burnout.

Magpie said...

Been longer than usual since your most recent post, GE. Everything okay there in Baton Rouge (?) ?

Green Eagle said...

Well, since you ask, Magpie, things there ended up in quite a swamp of work, and then I came home over the weekend and wanted to spend a couple of days with my family. I had thought of a brief post mentioning the reason for my lack of posts, but I guess I can take care of it now. Nothing is really wrong, other than my frustration at the endless repetition of the stupidities of American politics, in which I do not believe I am alone. I think I've noticed a number of other left leaning bloggers who have not been posting as much lately. Anyway, I guess it's time to get back to work, even if it means repeating the same observations over and over again.