Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How the Republican Propaganda Game Functions

The latest example:  So, Barack Obama, in concert with five other world powers, let's remember, manages to pull off what is probably the greatest example of Middle Eastern diplomacy in decades. Here is how this is reported.  First, there is a phase where at least some people are reporting and discussing the actual details of this agreement.  But you see, that can only go on about a week or ten days, at which point the truth is pretty much out there for those who are interested.

This limit does not extend, of course, to the people who are lying about the agreement.  They can continue telling their nauseating falsehoods indefinitely- my God, they are still at it with Benghazi- with the playing field left to them, because the truth has already been told.  And every time they broadcast another lie, a few more people fall for it.  And soon, Americans think Obama increased the budget deficit, the stimulus didn't generate any jobs, Obamacare is a grotesque failure, and on and on.  And with the "mainstream" press so invested in carrying water for the Republican party, there's really no way to prevent the lies from drowning out the truth.


Professor Chaos said...

The media falls into two categories: FOX and other rightwing sources that will promote the lies and the rest that are too afraid to call a lie a lie, lest they be accused of "liberal bias."

Green Eagle said...

But...but...where does the New York Times, with its recent publication of a vicious right wing smear of Hillary Clinton as fact, lie? If the New York Times belongs in the Fox category, we're all sunk; but its repeated false attacks on Democrats over the last couple of decades, just like this one, hardly make them mere dupes.

Professor Chaos said...