The Trayvonization of Michael Brown

It's well under way.  Having a week or so to concoct their story, the Ferguson Police have now decided to try to convince the world that Michael Brown was nothing but another black thug, and maybe a gang member too, so he deserved to be gunned down as an appropriate penalty for allegedly stealing some cigars.

Of course Michael Brown is now dead, so the police can accuse him of anything they want, without having to prove a bit of it in court, just like George Zimmerman's supporters were able to create an entire mythology  of drugs and gang membership, demonizing Trayvon Martin.

Funny that this whole tale didn't emerge until days later, just like George Zimmerman's account blaming Trayvon for forcing him to stalk and murder him.

And this being in the red state part of the country, you would have to be crazy to think this out of control police maniac is going to face a shred of penalty for cold blooded murder committed in public view.

I wish I were wrong about this, but I'll be stunned if I am.

I guess we should thank the Ferguson police department for one thing, anyway- for proving once again what a corrupt pack of racists sits on the Republican end of the Supreme Court bench.

UPDATE:  The Ferguson police chief has now been forced to admit that the policeman who killed Brown did not know at the time that Brown was supposedly suspected of a cigar theft.  So he was murdered for not getting on the sidewalk fast enough.

When asked why, then, did the chief release the video footage of the alleged theft, he said that it was because the press demanded to see it; something which is a little hard to understand, given that before the footage was released, no one in the press knew that it existed.

It should be clear to the most ingnorant at this point that the Ferguson police have started a smear campaign against Brown, in the hopes that, as with Trayvon Martin, the story can be made all about the alleged evildoing of the victim, who is no longer alive to defend himself.  You can now abandon any foolish hopes you might have had that this incident would be dealt with fairly.

And so, life goes on in America.


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