Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's All Just Zionist Propaganda

I'm sorry to spend so much time on the Israel-Hamas conflict, but it is one of the most persistent sources of misinformation in the world today, and much of that misinformation is being swallowed whole by the sort of person who might read this blog, i.e. left wingers, who seem to be ready at a moment's notice to take Hamas' side in its war against Israel.

This post concerns the long-time claims that Hamas (and before them, the PLO) made a consistent practice of firing on Israel from the middle of civilian areas- even hospitals, schools and religious structures- leaving the Israelis no choice but to risk the death of civilians when they fight back, or invite the death of their own people in an unending campaign of terror.

Unfortunately, as far as I have heard, these Israeli claims are routinely dismissed as nothing but lies and racist propaganda.  Even people who should know better, like Thom Hartmann and Amy Goodman seem ready at the drop of a hat to deny that Hamas would sacrifice their own people in such a way.

Well, here are three short excerpts from news broadcasts, from three countries, India, France, and Finland, that prove differently:

It should be noted that the networks had to remove their reporters from Gaza before daring to show this footage, as they claim their reporters would be killed if Hamas could get their hands on them.

But of course, as we see so often in this country, people believe whatever they feel like believing, and even this material, which emanates from three countries not know for their partiality toward Israel, won't make a dent in the opinions of those who have already licensed themselves to support genocidal terrorists.


Anonymous said...

It's never been accepted law in America, or world wide organizations to kill innocent people even in the defense of yourself. An "eye for eye" mentality is one reason we have not been able to stop the violence in this area over the decades and centuries. America has been condemned for using drones, firebombing cities in war and of course being the only government on Earth to use the atomic bomb to kill so many innocent people in one instant. Rules of war are to protect the innocent.

Green Eagle said...

It hasn't? What planet did you grow up on? Tell me about Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima and on and on. And for that matter, it has been accepted law in this country to kill millions in Vietnam or hundreds of thousands in Iraq just because we felt like it.

And don't get me wrong- I'm not making some moral point about those World War II targets. When their government starts a war, people suffer. And that is exactly what is happening in Gaza. If you shoot at me I have a right to shoot back. And if you stand by your mother and sister when you shoot, and they get killed, it's your fault, not mine.

How can anyone be so determined to hate Jews that they condemn them for doing what anyone else would do without a second thought?

Green Eagle said...

Oh, and by the way, Anonymous,what you had to say had nothing to do with the point of this post, which proves that Hamas is firing rockets from civilian areas. There is a rule of war about that too, but you don't seem to care, nor do you seem to care that there is an even bigger rule against genocide, which is exactly what Hamas is dedicated to. But of course, since it is Jews that are the intended victims here, it doesn't count to you.

Anonymous said...

I could tell from your last post what a brick wall mind you have. Now I can tell what a war mongering kill happy person you are. You and Bibi will enjoy the war. To bad you are incapable of an exchange of ideas. It's a waste of your time to write a public blog, you might as well just write a private diary where no one can disagree with your shit. What you have concluded about me is wrong, which only shows what an idiot you are, and thanks for proving that. You learned nothing about me from my last comment, especially when I declared I would support Israel even to the point of using US military. I hate Israel? What a fucking idiot you are. It's also easy to see what an asshole you are, so I won't bother to come back and leave you to your idiot self and ALL the readers you have. HA HA HA HA HA

Lev said...

The genocidal terrorists are good guys! That's why we support Israel!

Meir Kahane was right! Green Eagle, thank you for being one of the leftists to support the truth!

We must kill the Palestinians!

Remember -- Genocide is great because the Torah says so!


Anonymous said...

OK, In Israel you can see the same thing. Assaf HaRofeh Medical Center from one side of the fence and Tsrifin military base on the other side. You can see empty space on Google map around the hospital. This is it. The same about Tel Hashomer in Petah-Tikva. Stop publish your BS!

Magpie said...

I have been reading this blog for years now and – correct me if I’m wrong – the aggression and persistence of trolls has never been more marked than when you talk about Israel, GE.

Not on the subject of any US politician, all the times you have slapped the Tea Party, mentioned gun violence or climate change...never was the bile from the hostile comments brigade like this.

And I think that sort of illustrates your point, GE.

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, the day that Israel launches a missile strike on Gaza from next to that hospital you can come back and try to convince us that you are not a lying anti-semitic bastard.

Lev, I can't figure out what the hell you mean. Care to enlighten us?

And Magpie, remember that most of the people that read this blog are pretty left wing. If more right wingers read what I have to say, I'm sure their trolls would greatly outnumber the left wing ones.

Not that you don't have a legitimate point- the re-emergence of virulent anti-semitism in the last couple of years is a frightening reminder of how many truly horrible people there are in the world, although no more so that the race hatred in this country since Obama was elected.

Anonymous said...

So Israel can do no wrong? Your thinking is flawed from the start. No surprise for a brick wall thinker.

Magpie said...

Tangential to that subject GE I get somewhat frustrated with nominally liberal people, some of them fairly close friends, who think the fight against racism can be won by Pollyanna pretending that we have all somehow ‘arrived’ .

Now we have a conservative government, there was a move to water down laws against racial vilification in the name of “free speech” - till it was realised that it would alienate the very communities whose cooperation is essential combat extremism. And for no gain other than the appeasement of some Right wing shock jock ideologues.

But back to the subject, it does not follow, Anon, that to accuse Hamas (correctly) of using civilian shields for both propaganda and tactical value is to say “Israel can do no wrong”. That’s not what the man said.

There have been repeated attempts at ceasefire… and it always Hamas-aligned militants that violate them. If you don’t want to be shot at – don’t shoot. Once you do stop, don’t start again.

There is no way on Earth that you would tolerate rocket attacks on downtown L.A. - unless you’re a traitorous dog or a lunatic. One of the most basic expectations that a people can have of their country is that it will act to protect them.

Green Eagle said...

Magpie: "There is no way on Earth that you would tolerate rocket attacks on downtown L.A"

Maybe you've never been there. As long as they keep away from Little Tokyo, I think a few rockets might help.

Anyway, it is interesting that the people who want to abuse me have absolutely nothing to say about the point I was making in this post: that it is absolutely positive that Hamas is using civilians not really as shields, but for propaganda value, with the cynical attitude that the deaths of their own people only work to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

Your point was about industrial revolution and food production. Has Israel killed more citizens than Hamas? YES. On with your brick wall thinking.

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, just how oblivious do you think the rest of us are? My point in this post was that there is very clear, irrefutable evidence that Hamas is deliberately setting up large numbers of its own civilians to be killed,and then people like you collaborate with them by blaming this on Israel. Hamas is a terrorist organization very much like ISIS. Everybody admits that ISIS are murderous barbarians, but that is because they are not killing Jews. When Jews are on the receiving end of the attacks, all of a sudden it's the victims' fault.

Anonymous said...

see above comment

I never said Hamas was anything else.
I guess you forgot the Jews used the same terrorist tactics to get England out of the area, you know bombing hotels with innocent people inside.In fact Arab insurgents have said that's where they got their tactics from, they learned from the Jews.

Lev said...

Joshua and his legions were genocidal terrorists. The people who killed Arabs at Deir Yassin were genocidal terrorists. The people who are bombing Gaza are genocidal terrorists. They are the good guys, because they are trying to exterminate the bad guys.

The Torah says that Israel belongs to us. It says we have to exterminate the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites. It's a good thing the Palestinians say they're descended from the Canaanites! The Torah says that it's morally right to kill them all!

We have to be genocidal terrorists because the evil Canaanites and evil Jebusites and evil Palestinians are. They all see child-killing human sacrifice as right, therefore they are evil. Being the genocidal terrorists makes us the good guys. Or would you rather act like Christians, turn the other cheek, and let the Palestinians come to America to exterminate everybody?

" Hamas is a terrorist organization very much like ISIS." - Green Eagle.

NO! NO! NO! ISIS doesn't commit human sacrifice! Hamas kills its children! HAMAS KILLS ITS CHILDREN!

Meir Kahane was right! We must kill them!